Our main goal is to offer solutions, namely to optimize, streamline and solve your production problems with the help of the technology provided by our partners.

We are the exclusive representative in Romania, Moldova Republic and Ukraine of top manufacturers of machinery and equipment, at the best price-quality ratio.

Radu Stănică – Selzer


The most important thing to know about us is that we believe we need to take care of our customers. If they’re doing well, we’re doing well. We’re in the same boat. And if they are successful, then we are too.


Perhaps because we were in their shoes, that is, we were clients. Before we founded Texco, the same team worked in the textile field, in a stocking factory with 42 employees.


After the crisis of 2000, we slowly started to build our business in machinery, spare parts and accessories. That’s how we’ve earned our customers’ confidence, promptly and earnestly. What we promised we did. And we always sold only good quality products. That’s where we never cut back.


Today we offer the equipment used to produce top fashion brands around the world. We also work with all categories of manufacturers, not only in clothing, but also in automotive. Everything that needs sewing, soft materials, including interior chairs, textiles or leather in aeronautics or upholstered furniture, and leather goods. We provide equipment and machinery for any manufacturer who uses the textile material as raw material.


Our customers are most often paid by the minute. That’s why they want to obtain the best quality in the shortest time and at the best price. The easier the operation, the easier it is for their employees. To offer exactly what they need, we gladly go to their home, see how they work and come up with improvements. We even go into production on the spot and show them how the machine can work better, faster, easier.


Our customers praise us for being very prompt. We respond quickly, we make fast offers, we give them good advice. What pleases us the most is when clients do some math and see that they spend less for a better quality product. For example, an ironing board or an automatic cutting machine. If you get a better product, you invest in quality, but you see the results immediately.


We often offer free seminars to our clients, with specialists from Germany. Our customers’ equipment may be the same for 20 years, but the operator has changed five, six times. It’s a good idea to refresh their knowledge.


To meet the needs of our customers and show them that what we say is true, we take equipment from our partners, install them and show them how to work with them. Then we allow them to test them for free three or four weeks.


We choose partners with great care to be the best in the technological process. We represent only leading companies that invest heavily in research and innovation. This makes us able to offer our clients the professionalism and quality they need.


We have a top quality service with technicians who are regularly trained in Germany. We are also accredited by ISCIR and TÜV. We also offer clean room solutions as well as laboratory equipment.


Privacy is an important aspect for successful collaboration, so we strictly adhere to it.


Our partners work with top brands from all over the world. Many of them are the final beneficiaries of our clients, with whom we have developed good relationships in time. We are pleased to recommend our customers’ factories with their available production facilities.


Our partners are now called competence centers. It means they don’t just offer a product, and then they forget about you. They provide consultancy, advice, new information.That’s how we also work.We are competent in this field, we are not just a supplier of machines.