Interior Finisher Veit IF 60

Interior Finisher Veit IF 60

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_IF60

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Interior Finisher Veit IF 60. Description:


IF 60 is an industrial steam finishing machine that offers an excellent finish for all types of materials and leather covered surfaces, it can be used in the automotive industry as well as in the upholstered furniture industry.


VEIT IF 60 can be configured as a machine operating independently or incorporated into an already existing production line. Depending on the flow of goods and the type of parts, the machine can be set to manual or automatic operation.


The pieces are evenly sprayed with steam to relax the fibers. The temperature and quantity of steam can be adjusted. The direction of steam spray can be set top-bottom or for both sides. The linear arrangement of the nozzles avoids unwanted stripes, and for the highly difficult to access areas, perfectly shaped spray lances can be integrated.


Advantages of Veit IF 60 interior finisher:


  • Marks are removed – including indentions or pressure marks on back-sprayed injection-molded parts as well as on cushioned products – thanks to the combination of VEIT´s tried and tested steam spraying with a temperature-controlled airflow;
  • The special design of the VEIT 8660 Interior Finisher allows the machine to be easily integrated into almost any production layout.


Loading and Unloading Station:


The parts are loaded manually or automatically across the entire width of the conveyor belt for treatment in the steam unit. Alternatively, loading can be performed by a preceding conveyor belt. The finished parts can be unloaded manually or automatically. If the fini­sher is incorporated into an existing production line, no unloading station is required.


Finishing Unit:


The finishing unit consists of a twinfan system and a large heating coil. The air volume and temperature are fully adjustable depending on the type of material being processed. Closing flaps at the entrance, between the processing zones and at the exit ensure a perfect finishing result. The circulating air flow continuously impacts on the parts to be processed due to the precisely arranged location of the air duct openings. The airflow volume is fully adjustable and the air temperature is maintained at +/– 2° C of the set temperature.


The electronic control unit is equipped with an potentiometer, a membrane keyboard and provides perfect electronical control through the visual presentation through pictographs and LEDs. The cycles are shown to the exact second on the digital display.


The following parameters can be set:


  • Dwell time of steam and air;
  • Temperature;
  • Speed of airflow in the finishing unit;
  • Belt speeds for continuous or indexed operation;
  • Integrated resettable piece counter;
  • Optional password-protected keypad;
  • Optional language selection.

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