Benefits of humidification for the wood processing industry.


Being a hygroscopic material wood tends to absorb or lose moisture depending on the humidity levels present in the surrounding environment.


Timber warehouses and firms operating in the field of wood processing (such as in the production of furniture or flooring) often face problems caused by dry air in the absence of proper control of the humidity levels.

These problems can include: wood deformation and cracking, shrinkage and dimensional loss, problems with painting, wood finishing, gluing and laminating, and a variety of problems caused by accumulations of static electricity.







Static electricity  – Causes a variety of problems, including fires and static explosions. In some cases, static electricity can also affect the way paints and finishes adhere to wood.


Dimensional changes – May seriously affect the appearance of wood. Semi-finished products or pieces of dry wood can shrink, crack or deform, causing a number of problems when the shape or size of the wood no longer matches the pre-set dimensions for modeling or assembly.


Problems with painting, finishing and gluing wood – Dry air can often lead to the separation of adhesive joints, cracking of the veneer on the base wood and problems with paint adhesion. Deformation, shrinkage and problems with varnishing, finishing and gluing lead to loss of quality of both the raw product and the finished product.


Maintaining an appropriate level of relative humidity between 40% – 60% throughout the entire cycle of transport, raw material storage, processing, finishing and storage of finished products can solve all these problems.


Benefits of Humidification in Woodworking :


  • Reduces dimension changes of wood;
  • Minimizes issues with gluing and laminating;
  • Eliminates issues with wood working machinery;
  • Improves product quality;
  • Increases profits;
  • Eliminates static electricity;
  • Reduces employee absenteeism.


Woodworking clients:


  • American Veneer Edgebanding;
  • Crown Point Cabinetry;
  • H. Hirschmann Ltd.;
  • Kitchen Craft Cabinets;
  • Masco;
  • Nemschoff Inc.;
  • Woodcraft Industries.


Being a leader in the humidification and dehumidification sector, Condair can offer the right solution for air quality control, customized according to the design of the building and the type of activity. As a Condair partner, Texco also has the necessary knowledge and qualified staff to solve humidity issues. We offer advice, support in choosing the right humidification system, commissioning, maintenance, spare parts, explanatory seminars and everything needed to ensure the perfect operation of our systems and an optimal climate for our customers. If you have questions or want more information – contact us!

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