How to choose the right cutter for upholstery industry?

Nowadays, people tend to choose their furniture based on the cost , comfort, and the durability it has. Aesthetics is also important and since sizes and colors vary it is important to be delivered in the fastest time.

According to the latest research a customer would like to have the items delivered in seven days. Therefore, it is a challenge for the upholstery industry to complete a large number of custom orders within this time frame.

Many upholstered furniture factories still face the problem of manual cutting, high production costs, material waste and difficult management of employees. Therefore, the most effective solution is to change the existing production mode and to opt for an industry-specific automatic cutting machine.

How should you choose a cutting machine?


This is indeed a question that needs to be carefully considered, as we have noticed that many upholstered furniture manufacturers have not been able to put their equipment into production because of inaccurate selection. It is important to analyze the type of fabric that is accepted by the cutting machine that you are buying and to document yourself about any additional modules that allow the machine to support other features for your products.

Bullmer, the leader in automatic cutting processes, helps you choose the perfect cutting machine through preliminary tests that are made with your materials so the machine is customized to your needs.


Cutter Bullmer Premiumcut


Automatic feeding system Bullmer Transroll


Cutter Bullmer Turbocut

Sistem de umidificare Condair-Systems TurboFog

Choose the right size for your cutting machine.


For this you will need to determine the size of the operation that you would like to carry out and how much capital you can invest. There are automatic cutting machines suitable for smaller production lines and a slow work flow. However, if you have to process hundreds of thousands of orders per day, then you will have to increase working speed with a high power cutting machine. They will save you and the production a lot of time, as opposed to manual cutting or using a smaller cutting machine designed for smaller startups and operations.

How does an automatic cutting machine works?


The industrial textile cutting machines, especially the ones for upholstered furniture industry have gone through a very long developing process.

In the upholstered furniture industry the fabric has to be cut in large format, a sofa for example needs at least 10 meters of material. Many customers wrongfully think that a multi-sheet cutter is better than a single ply cutter. The truth is that everything must be customized according to the needs of the clients: mass production or industry.

Automatic cutting machines can be classified as:


  • Suitable for single ply cuts, for small orders and highly flexible custom production. They are easy to use, and you can quickly change the cutting tools.
  • For small production series with high demands – The Bullmer Turbocut automatic cutting machine meets the highest and most sophisticated productivity standards, ensuring delicate and precise cuts.
  • For large production that involves cutting the fabric in more than 20 layers at once.
Choose a professional manufacturer of automatic cutting machines


  • Make sure you choose an automatic professional cutting machine, otherwise your production will suffer.The upholstered furniture industry needs complete cutting systems consisting of professional spreading machines designed to support your operator through:
  • Detection of defects on the material.
  • Perfect alignment of the sheet.
  • And a scanner that helps to correctly identify the marks, eliminating any human error.

Because we are talking about tougher materials and a precision of cutting as accurate as possible, another very important criteria in choosing the perfect cutting machine is the power of the vacuum. A strong suction guarantees cutting quality and ensures accurate spreading of the material.

Therefore, what do you need for your business? To increase the production speed? More precise cuts for detailed models? Or maybe you just want to find an automatic cutting machine that will reduce your energy consumption without affecting your productivity.

Depending on your needs, we offer you an excellent selection of automatic cutting machines suitable for a wide range of industries, such as: upholstered furniture industry, textile industry or automotive industry.

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