How to choose the right fusing or laminating machine for your industry.


As we all know, nowadays, the actual sale of machines and equipment for industry is no longer a current topic. Most of our customers and performers in the manufacturing industries are especially interested in solutions that make their work easier, faster and last but not least more qualitative.

That is why our group of companies together with our German partners changed the approach and concentration a long time ago, trying to offer the best solutions for your production process supported by our systems and equipment.

We want to be a center of expertise in offering optimal solutions to our customers and not just a simple equipment supplier.


In this article we want to support you in choosing the right fusing or laminating machine.


These machines are generally used after the process of cutting of the textile materials, natural leather or other technical textiles takes place. The fusing / laminating process involves gluing a pre-adhesive reinforcement to the base material, be it textiles, natural leather or other materials, with the help of high temperature and mechanical pressure.

For clothing this process is used to give the final product a proper fit. For materials as technical textiles and natural leather it improves the appearance and mechanical and physical properties of the final product.

We would like to point out that there are two distinct types of heat sealing machines suitable for the appropriate industries.

Our partner VEIT from Germany ( with over 60 years of experience in the textile field ) produces both types of machines, properly equipped for the technological processes.

For the textile and clothing industry, we recommend the fusing machine in most cases with a feed area of at least 1500 mm, a set of 5 heating elements (upper and lower), one or two pairs of pressing rollers and a separate cooling and collection area  for the fused parts.

Depending on the type of materials used (light, medium or heavy) we choose the appropriate configuration of the heating elements, the types of pressing rollers as well as the length of the feed belt and that of the collection belt of ready-made fused parts.

On the other hand, laminating machines used in the natural leather processing industry (upholstered furniture, automotive interiors, car seats and aerospace) are different from those for the clothing industry by the length of the feed belt, the number and arrangement of the heating elements, the special type and numbers of pressing  cylinders as well as the length of the cooling belt and collection of fused parts.

Cooling is a very important element when it comes to laminating natural leather materials, having the possibility to do it actively or through multiple cooling fans. Regardless of which industry you belong to, the major attention in choosing the proper fusing / laminating machine must go towards checking that the temperature and pressing power are uniform over the entire width of the fusing or laminating belt.

We have encountered countless cases in which the operators in the textile industry choose a fusing or a laminating machine based on financial reasons, believing that it offers the same quality and efficiency without first checking the characteristics and performances of that machines.

What is important to know, however, is that the fusing and laminating machines from VEIT are built in such a way that the fusing or laminating processes can be carried out in a very short time at maximum quality and very low energy consumption.

The classic fusing / laminating machines use the same set of belts for loading and fusing of the parts, which led to an inconvenience for the operators and a very high energy consumption.

VEIT fusing / laminating machines are equipped with separate loading belts, separate belts for the laminating or fusing module and separate cooling and collection belts.

The heating area itself is perfectly insulated, thus maintaining the temperature inside the machine which leads to an energy consumption of up to 3 times lower than the classic version. In addition to all these advantages we must also take into account the comfort of the operator, which is increased because the temperature around the machine is much lower.


Maintenance of the Veit fusing or laminating machine is no longer an issue! Our multiple sensors are placed all over the machine in the important areas and will inform you immediatlly about the exact place fron where an possible error can ocure.


We can write more pages about the advanteges of Veit fusing or laminating machines, but we are waiting for you to contact us for details and discover which type of machine fits to your production area.

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