How to get the best fusing results for the textile industry.


Although the fusing process has undergone major changes over the years, the three main parameters, temperature, pressure and processing time, remain the most important factors when it comes to material fusing.


In this article we will talk about how to get the best fusing results using the three important parameters mentioned above and what solutions we offer can help you in this process.


In a fusing process the adhesive is applied to the surface of the base material in the form of small dots. After exposure to high temperatures and pressure these points of adhesive melt and help to heat seal the base material with another piece of material (inserts, interlinings, reinforcements), the whole process takes place inside the fusing machine.


Incorrect adjustment of these parameters of temperature and pressure can lead to a number of problems, such as – thermal shrinkage of the material due to incorrect temperature, adhesive stains coming out of the base material or inserts due to too strong pressure, etc.


The fusing machines used to carry out the fusing process must provide a constant pressure and an adequate processing time to ensure optimal contact between the base material and the inserts. This ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the fused material and that the adhesive penetrates correctly between the fibers of the base fabric, thus avoiding stains of adhesive that could come out through the base material or through the reinforcement.


Therefore, for optimal fusing of materials we need the right temperature, the right pressure and minimum processing times. Veit Group has over 60 years of experience in this field, and has developed and perfected the most advanced fusing machines on the market equipped with modern pressing systems and infallible German technology.


For example:


VEIT BX – the only fusing machine in its class offering a choice of two standard pressure systems to best meet the needs of our clients. The single pressure system (C – two cylinders) and double pressure system (CU – four cylinders, two pairs) SOFT and MEDIUM, depending on need. Both systems allow you to choose a soft or medium pressing variant depending on the hardness of the silicone rubber that covers the cylinders.


BX 600/1000 S (soft)


It is suitable for materials that need a more sensitive pressing, which does not destroy the structure such as sportswear for women and men.


BX 600/1000 M (medium)


It is suitable for common materials made from high-twist yarns and dress shirt industry.


Veit BH 600  – especially designed for fusing collars and cuffs from shirts. The BH 600 is equipped with an active cooling system for the fused elements and an optical sensor that facilitates the automatic collection of fused parts. An important feature of this machine is the heating system, which ensures uniform distribution of heat throughout the entire fusing surface and allows accurate temperature adjustment for the upper and lower heating zones.


The pressing system is also important in the fusing process as most adhesives require a high level of pressure. Therefore, to provide perfect fusing, the BH 600 maintains the fused materials under additional pressure after the initial pressing process is completed. The machine contains a control panel that clearly displays the fusing parameters, allows accurate temperature adjustment to avoid faulty fusing, is equipped with an error diagnostic system for heating elements and helps maintain the quality of the fused parts.


VEIT FM – the new generation of VEIT fusing machines, suitable for fusing a wide range of textiles and insertions. FM is designed to be very simple to use, so the training for using this machine is done in a short time and all the important and basic options of the machine are immediately assimilated by the operator.


All important functions and settings of the machine are visible at a glance on a 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display. With a storage capacity of up to 10 programs, the operator can create programs according to the material that needs to be fused. All these programs can be transferred to another Veit FM machine using a USB stick. Another very important feature of the VEIT FM fusing machine, which has the role of saving as much energy as possible, is the outer feeding belt of the machine which is separate from the inner one. Therefore the outer feeding belt it is always cold, without contact with the inner belt so it does not lose temperature at all throughout the working hours, it offers comfort and convenience to the operator during the supply of parts that are to be fused.


Advantages of using a fusing machine:


  • The use of a Veit fusing machine reduces production times and labor costs
  • Fusing machines are easy to use, so the training for their use is done in a short time, minimizing the efforts made by the operator
  • With this type of fusing machine it is much easier to obtain a constant high quality of fused materials than when joining of the materials is done by ironing or sewing for example.
  • Reinforcements and inserts added through the fusing process provide alternatives for the construction of clothing
  • Avoid poor finishing results and material loss


Texco Group represents Veit group in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, our team has extensive experience in the textile industry field so we can help you with relevant solutions and answers to any problems or questions regarding the fusing process. If you want more details about this process or have questions about how you can integrate a fusing machine in your production line, contact us – we are here to answer any requests with pleasure and professionalism.


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