Humidification for data centers


To avoid static energy build-up and equipment corrosion in server rooms and data centers due to too dry or too humid air in the room, it is recommended to keep the relative humidity level between 40% and 60%. Condair offers the perfect solution for humidifying data centers through cost-effective humidification systems that use adiabatic technology.


Condair humidifies & cools Facebook 


One of the most developed and well-known social platforms uses Condair technology to ensure the smooth operation of the data center in Sweden. Facebook has chosen for the server room in Luleå the evaporative cooling solution offered by Condair ME series in combination with the humidification solution offered by our high pressure spray system.
One of the consulting M&E engineers for the project Peter Liddle, explains: “Facebook Luleå is employing a direct air cooling strategy within their data halls, which uses the cold outside air to maintain the required internal temperature. Luleå’s cold dry climate means that humidification is an essential component within the air conditioning process as without it the internal humidity could drop as low as 2%RH. This low level of humidity would be unhealthy for staff and present an increased risk to the servers from electro-static discharge.”
The Facebook project brought together the design and manufacturing expertise of two members of the Condair group. The high-pressure spray systems were manufactured in Denmark, while the UK’s Condair plant produced the evaporative humidifiers. Engineering teams from both countries worked with them to put the equipment into operation. The activity of the Condair group at the Facebook Sweden data center illustrates how well prepared we are to meet the humidification and cooling needs of the global data center market that is constantly growing.


What is an evaporative cooling system?


An evaporative cooling system helps to optimize air humidity as well as temperature. Otherwise known as adiabatic humidification, the evaporation cooling process involves a reduction in the temperature of the water before it is dispersed in the air thus ensuring the control of relative humidity.
There are two ways to control the temperature of an air medium using an evaporative cooling system. The first is known as direct or in duct evaporative cooling, the installation is inserted in the pipe line of a CTA (air treatment plant) and directly cools all the filtered air entering the enclosure through the ventilation system.
The second way to control the temperature of an air medium is known as indirect cooling. Indirect evaporative cooling reduces the energy demand of an air treatment plant by using the thermodynamic effect that cools the air by humidifying it after water evaporation, thus considerably reducing electricity costs.


When considering an evaporation humidification system, people often wonder, what benefits would such a system bring to my business?


Let’s take the ME system as an example:



This system is perfect for controlling the air quality in the server rooms because it cools and humidifies the air at the same time, thus protecting the equipment from overheating and electrostatic charges. Condair ME is an adiabatic indirect evaporative humidification system, which has a unique, highly efficient and flexible pumping concept that can be mounted both inside and outside the piping.
ME uses up to 5 mini 32W water pumps, thus being much more energy efficient than humidifiers that use a single water pump.
The evaporator can be built in any shape and size to adapt to existing piping, requires a very short evaporation distance and low maintenance costs.
In addition to the benefits of low-cost cooling, adiabatic humidifiers also offer all the benefits of proper humidity control. This ensures not only the proper functioning of electronic equipment but also the health and well-being of employees.
Therefore, an evaporative humidification system protects electronic equipment from overheating and electrostatic charges, can be customized according to the existing space and piping, is energy efficient thus reducing electricity costs and is very easy to use and maintain.


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