Jumag – The most efficient steam generators

For more than 40 years, Jumag has been developing, producing and selling the most efficient steam generators.


All Jumag products and components are manufactured in Germany, thus guaranteeing their reliability and quality. With extensive experience in the production of steam generators, Jumag is one of the technology pioneers in offering energy-efficient products, innovative solutions and excellent steam quality.



The benefits of using a Jumag steam generator:


  • Industrial expertise


Jumag steam generators can be used in any room or process where steam is used for heating, cleaning, sterilization or to allow chemical processes to be carried out:


  • Beverage production: breweries, malt factories, distilleries, wineries, beverage bottling plants.
    Textiles: textile industry and textile finishes, laundries, textile care, dry cleaning.
    Medical technology, hospitals.
    Food industry: dairy, bakeries and malt factories, butchers and feed industry.
    Road construction and construction: concrete construction, panel and chipboard production, road restoration and sewerage.
    Automotive: vulcanization.
    Construction technology: indoor climate control technology.
    Other industries – such as the chemical industry, plant drying, molding technology, cosmetics industry and more.


  • Customized solutions according to customer requirements


Customized solutions regarding the sizing, characteristics and control of the steam system: We work with the customer to identify potential savings and to customize the steam systems as needed to suit the conditions and processes performed in the premises where our steam generators will be used.


  • Operational reliability


Thanks to decades of experience and the high quality of the components, our steam boilers offer outstanding reliability, ease of use and safety.


  • Service


To ensure cost-effective and trouble-free operation, we carry out maintenance work on the steam boilers and all components of your steam system.


  • The highest quality standards


We set high quality standards for ourselves and our partners. The components are manufactured by world-renowned experienced manufacturers, complete product testing and a team of experienced engineers make Jumag steam boilers the most reliable products on the market.


  • Steam on demand


  • Steam production in less than 10 minutes from cold start.
  • Steam volume range: from 20 kg / hour to 2000 kg / hour.


Together with our team of over 50 engineers, we have been developing, producing and marketing steam generators based on liquid or gas fuel, electric steam generators and waste heat generators for more than 40 years.


Some of the Jumag products:


Jumag DG Oil or Gas Fired Steam Boiler


The steam boiler activated by oil or gas (DG series) combines the advantages of a compact steam generator with those of a robust and reliable boiler. Connection possibilities for irons, mannequins, steam tables and other steam consumers.


  • Output of 100 kg/h up to 560 kg/h;
  • Oil or gas fired with industrial burners;
  • Centrifugal pump integrated as a boiler pump;
  • Easy to use, very high-performing touch screen controls;
  • Energy efficient;
  • High heat exchange performance on a small area;
  • Condensing boiler technology(> 100% efficiency) with downstream second economiser;
  • 3- to 4-duct flue gas control;
  • Dry steam;
  • Vertical vaporization system similar to a shell boiler with wall thickness up to 9mm;
  • Considerable operating safety due to the simple and compact overall structure;
  • High standard of quality, due to the use of industrial standard components;
  • Simple usage via intuitive touch-screen controls in many languages;
  • Easy access for maintenance;
  • Automatic start with a timer or by an external signal;
  • Optionally with automatic blow down or desalination;



Jumag EDI Electric Steam Generator


The EDI series from Jumag are designed particularly for high demands. Connection possibilities for mannequins, steam tables and other steam consumers.


  • Outputs from 20 kW to 120 kW as a single unit steam system;
  • Higher outputs in the form of multiple steam units possible;
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to horizontal design;
  • Simple usage via intuitive touch-screen controls in many languages;
  • No electrical peaks due to symmetrical power network loading;
  • Optionally with automatic blow down or desalination;
  • Flexible and simple;
  • Only requires a small space due to a compact design;
  • Max. operating pressure 0,3 bar – 11 bar
  • Equipped with high temperature resistant heating elements;
  • The control system minimizes the electrical load of the heating elements;
  • Electrical components have a long life;
  • All components are made of rust-resistant material (optionally, can be made of stainless steel);
  • There are no electrical fluctuations due to the symmetrical charging of the main network;



Jumag Waste Heat Boiler


This boiler uses the hot air flow resulted from industrial processes to generate steam.The use of waste heat is an efficient and economical alternative, drastically reducing the costs of electricity or expensive fuels. “Residual heat recovery” is the process of “heat integration”, meaning the reuse of thermal energy that would otherwise be simply released into the atmosphere. By recovering waste heat, industrial enclosures can reduce CO2 emissions while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency.


  • Save space due to the ergonomic design;
  • Modular configuration – cost-effective adjustment;
  • Easy to operate – does not require constant supervision of an operator;
  • Energy-efficient;
  • High safety during operation due to the simple and compact general configuration;
  • Self-explanatory touch screen available in several languages;
  • Adjustable manually, automatically or through control centers.



To find out more about the Jumag product range, visit the “Steam Generators” category.

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