VEIT GmbH – Innovations amidst Corona Crisis – Machine manufacturer based in Landsberg develops air cleaners


With over 60 years of experience in the field, VEIT Group, based in Landsberg (Germany) is the world’s largest manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the textile industry. The product range extends from classic ironing boards, pressing machines, laminating and fixing machines to the automatic systems, such as finishing tunnels and packaging machines. Clothing manufacturers, logistics companies and customers in the automotive industry rely on VEIT technology. With numerous subsidiaries and an excellent distribution network around the world, VEIT Group continues to grow globally.


Decreased sales and shortened working hours – Rethinked by Veit


“The massive decline in sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with limited working hours, quickly led us to reevaluate ourselves,” said Günter and Christopher Veit. VEIT GmbH reviewed the situation and already in March developed a handsfree device with which you can operate doors, buttons and switches of different types without having direct contact with them. You can find more information at

“The current pandemic situation shows explicitly how important the measures aimed at the hygiene departments are. Minimizing aerosol pollution in the areas where people work is one of the most important measures, especially in areas occupied by a large number of people where air pollution with airborne viruses increases significantly. “- explains Christopher Veit.

The latest development of VEIT GmbH are the AC 20 and AC 10 air sterilizers that disinfect indoor air by killing viruses and bacteria.


VEIT Air Cleaner – Clean room air from bacteria and viruses

Veit air sterilizers disinfect the indoor air with the help of tested and proven UV-C technology. They give you the opportunity to purify the atmosphere in rooms or premises intended for different areas of activity eliminating from them up to 99% of all viruses and bacteria transmitted by air thus reducing the risk of infection of the respiratory tract.

A powerful fan directs the air from the room through the dust filter to the device, the air is then sterilized inside the device using UV-C lamps and evacuated back to the room. This process is completely safe and harmless because UV rays remain inside the device, so sterilizers can be used even when people are present inside the room.

Veit sterilizers work without the addition of chemicals, thus eliminating the harmful effects associated with them. AC 10 and AC 20 can be used depending on the case for: municipal offices, banks, service institutions, medical offices, dental laboratories, massage parlors, shopping malls, grocery stores, furniture stores, construction centers, gastronomy, kitchens, industry hotels, butchers, production facilities, fitness studios, cinemas, swimming pools, airports, buses, trains, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, production areas and much more.

Air disinfection systems are available for ceiling mounting or as independent mobile units depending on the size of the used space and the activity carried out in it.


  • VEIT AC 10 is suitable for smaller spaces and can eliminate viruses and bacteria from enclosures up to 30 m² in size (depending on the height of the room).
  • VEIT AC 20 is suitable for larger spaces and can eliminate viruses and bacteria from enclosures up to 120m² in size (depending on the height of the room).


The advantages of both devices are the low costs of purchase, maintenance and operation, both eliminating up to 99% of viruses and bacteria from the air, flexible placement possibilities, and the quality of products made in Germany.

The UV lamps used to disinfect the air are easy to replace and have an effective life of approx. 9000 working hours when the appliance is used 24 hours a day, this allows the purification of the indoor air for a whole year.

Contact us if you have any questions, we will gladly answer them.

We care about your health and we are always with you.



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