Stand for Veit AC 20 air sterilizer

Stand for Veit AC 20 air sterilizer

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Stand_VeitAC20_sterilizer

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Veit AC 20 disinfects the inside air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of UV-C ultraviolet radiation, thus offering the possibility to create a healthy air climate. The sterilizer can be used even with the presence of people in the room because UV-C radiation remains enclosed inside the device.


Veit AC 20 sterilizes the atmosphere in rooms or premises intended for different areas of activity, eliminating up to 99% of all airborne viruses and bacteria.


How does Veit AC 20 work?


Two UV-C (type C ultraviolet) lamps are mounted in a sealed metal housing to which the ambiental air is directed through a high-performance fan, constantly recirculating the air inside the device. After the sterilization process is completed, the cleaned air is returned to the environment.




  • Maximum height incl. AC 20: 1980 mm (Highest setting), 1930 mm (Medium setting);
    1880 mm (medium setting), 1830 mm (lowest setting);
  • Installation area: 510 mm x 510 mm;
  • Height of stand: 1,640 mm;
  • Weight: 33,5 kG.

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