Atomization system Condair – Systems BioSafe

Atomization system Condair – Systems BioSafe

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Condair-Systems BioSafe atomization system. Description:


BioSafe is an humidification system that uses compressed air for water atomization. The atomization system is available in two variants of different capacities – BS5 (5 kg / h) and BS10 (10 kg / h).  The patented Condair-Systems nozzles are integrated on top of the system and offer hygienic and leak-free atomization. Each device is equipped with a hygrostat that measures the relative humidity (% u.R) of the ambient air.

The systems are mounted on the wall of the enclosure where the humidity control is desired and are delivered ready for connection wich makes them easy to install and use.

The BioSafe system can use any type of water. For a smooth atomization we recommend a water pressure between 0.2 bar and 0.4 bar and a compressed air pressure between 3 and 4 bar.

Proper humidification is essential for maintaining comfortable, hygienic and safe environments. Accumulation of electrostatic discharges, bacteria and aerosols produced by humans, etc. can be remedied with the help of a humidification system. By controlling the relative humidity, productivity standards are respected, losses and absences from the workplace are reduced.

We take pride in implementing over 10.000 Condair BioSafe systems all around the world. This guarantees the reliability and maturity of our existing technology. The Condair-Systems BioSafe Pure Water Atomization System is reliable, easy to install and user-friendly when extending into multiple enclosures.


Condair BioSafe atomization system setup:


The main applications are warehouses or production areas.
We recommend choosing this system when relatively low humidification capacities (5 – 150 kg / h) are needed and the beneficiary has a compressed air system.
The system is also very suitable for low height enclosures.


Advantages of BioSafe atomization system:


  • The BioSafe system is very easy to install and the maintenance of the system is extremely reduced.

  • Due to the closed water system there is no need to clean or change the filters.
  • The patented technology guarantees the systems smooth and dripp free operation.
  • The nozzles are made of teflon-coated stainless steel.
  • No mineral deposits on water lines or nozzles.
  • Designed to work with drinking water or treated water.
  • The system is completely corrosion resistant.
  • Automatic drainage of waste water and cleaning of the water network.
  • The hoses are made of polyurethane – the Festo range.
  • The system is extremely silent.
  • The system nozzles can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.


BioSafe system diagram:


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Technical data
Performance (max)5-10 kg/h (per unit)
Compressed air required *30 Nl / min BioSafe 5. 60 Nl / min BioSafe 10
Water qualityTap water, sometimes the water treatment is necessary
Hygrostatinternal, ± 3% r.h
BioSafe sterilizationoptional
Power consumption20 W/48V~
Dimensions (W x H x D)210 x 550 x 250 mm
Weight (approx.)2.75 kg (BioSafe 5 ) 2.85 kg (BioSafe 10 )