Condair DL hybrid humidification system

Condair DL hybrid humidification system

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Condair DL hybrid humidification system. Description:


DL Series – Two adiabatic humidification methods intelligently combined

The correct relative humidity of the air is of great importance. The optimal air conditions for comfort and health protection are in the temperature range of 21 to 22 ° C and relative humidity between 40% and 60%. In the field of industry proper air humidity allows the best production and quality results.

The Condair DL hybrid humidifier is based exclusively on two humidification methods: atomization and evaporation. This results in lasting solutions to key issues that may arise when these technologies are used in separate ways. Therefore, this humidification system is the first choice in terms of hygiene, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


The humidification water is sprayed through the low pressure molecular spray nozzles. The spray nozzles have an adjustable jet and are optimally distributed over the entire cross section of the devices. The spray nozzle is placed on a flexible mounting clip that can be adjusted so that it is straight or set at a 15 ° angle. The nozzle spray cone can be directed so that the humidifying water strikes evenly over the entire surface of the ceramic evaporating media. This arrangement ensures an increased evaporation effect and a uniform distribution of moisture.


The patented evaporation unit made of high quality ceramic is positioned at the end of the humidification distance. It captures the humidifying water and achieves the best possible re-evaporation. The ceramic allows maximum exploitation of the humidifying water while preventing the accumulation of water in the downstream components.



Efficient low pressure system – The low pressure operating mode allows considerable energy savings due to low compression. By combining the Condair DL air humidifier and the Condair AT2 reverse osmosis, even a humidification pressure booster pump becomes useless.

Aerosol-free air – Through the ceramic evaporation unit the humidifying water is completely separated from the water stream and is efficiently vaporized.

Efficient sterilization – The HygienePlus concept includes a series of measures that effectively neutralize microorganisms. The hygienic operation of the humidifier is ensured by the use of water with pure reverse osmosis, washing and draining cycles, a patented concept of silver ionization “Hygiene Plus”, optional disinfection with H2O2 and drying the water lines with compressed air.

Precise adjustment – The unique combination of spray circuit control and continuously variable water adjustment allows precise adjustment accuracy.


Condair DL combines atomization and evaporation technologies to provide hygienic adiabatic humidification in pipe lines at low operating costs. A nozzle grid releases a fine spray into the air stream to a ceramic evaporator, moisture that is not immediately absorbed by the air precipitates on this evaporator. As air circulates through its porous surface, more water is absorbed by it, thus streamlining water use and minimizing water loss.


Features and Benefits:
  • Provides a very precise humidity of up to +/- 2% RH;
  • Multiple antimicrobial properties for extremely hygienic operation;
  • Independent certificate provided by SGS Institut Frensenius for hygienic operation;
  • Low energy humidification, with the added benefit of evaporative cooling;
  • Efficient low pressure systems: The mode of operation at low pressure translates into significant energy savings due to lower compression work;
  • Precise control: The unique combination of actuation of the spray circuit and continuous control of the amount of water allows precise control of humidification.

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