Condair ME evaporative humidification system

Condair ME evaporative humidification system

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Condair ME evaporative humidification system. Description: 


Condair ME system is well known for its standards of operational hygiene, reliability, ease of use and easy maintenance. ME uses controlled water cleaning and drainage cycles that can be configured for maximum water efficiency and reduced consumption by installing optional sensors thus ensuring hygienic humidification and reducing the risk of inhaling airborne bacteria and viruses.

Condair ME is an adiabatic evaporative humidification system with an unique pumping concept, the system is extremely efficient and flexible and can be mounted both inside and outside the piping lines. ME uses up to 5 mini 32W water pumps, thus being much more energy efficient than humidifiers that use a single water pump. The evaporator can be built in any shape and size to adapt to existing piping lines, requires a very short evaporation distance and has low maintenance costs.

In addition to the benefits of low-cost cooling, this adiabatic humidifier also offers all the benefits of proper humidity control. This ensures not only the proper functioning of electronic equipment but also the health and well-being of employees. This humidification system can produce up to 1,000 kg / hour of humidification and 630kW of evaporative cooling through a single unit while operating with a maximum of 0.3kW of electricity.

Condair ME has been specially designed to be user friendly, so it incorporates a touch screen control panel and an intuitive interface. ME allows software-based commissioning and includes fully detailed service and fault operational displays. It can also connect to the BMS, and USB connectivity is also supported for software updates and downloads of operation history reports.


What is an evaporative cooling system?


An evaporative cooling system helps to optimize air humidity as well as temperature. Otherwise known as adiabatic humidification, the evaporation cooling process involves a reduction in the temperature of the water before it is dispersed in the air thus ensuring the control of relative humidity.
There are two ways to control the temperature of an air medium using an evaporative cooling system. The first is known as direct or evaporative cooling in the piping, the installation is inserted in the piping of a CTA (air treatment plant) and directly cools all the filtered air entering the enclosure through the ventilation system.
The second way to control the temperature of an air medium is known as indirect cooling. Indirect evaporative cooling reduces the energy demand of an air treatment plant by using the thermodynamic effect that cools the air by humidifying it after water evaporation, thus considerably reducing electricity costs.


The standard Condair ME model has:


  • Waterproof DI;
    Low energy pumps;
    The shortest construction length;
    Availability / operation / maintenance / error display;
    Touch screen for easy use;
    Self-diagnosis system;
    Real time clock;
    Modbus and BACnet connection.




  • Conductivity monitoring for conduction-guided water blowdown;
    Supply water connection set;
    Channel sealing sheet made of stainless steel;
    UV lamp for the water basin;
    Disinfection unit for dosing from Condair DES;
    Start accelerator Condair WET including dosing pump;
    Supply water connection set;
    LonWorks connection;
    Leakage sensor.


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Technical data
Standard installation length (output-dependent)between 695 și 795 mm
Permissible air speedwithout droplet separator max.3,5 m/s with droplet separator max. 4,5 m/s
Permissible water connection pressure2–10 bar(g)
Permissible water temperature5-45 °C
Voltage supply230V / fază / 50-60 Hz
Degree of protection of controllerIP 54
Degree of protection of circulation pump (Reflow)IP 54
Degree of protection of valvesIP 65
Fire safety class of humidifier boxDIN EN 53438, clasa F1
Certification markCE