Humidification system Condair JetSpray

Humidification system Condair JetSpray

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Direct humidification system Condair-Systems JetSpray. Description:


The Condair JetSpray model is a humidification system that uses a combination of compressed air and water, thus ensuring a very precise humidity control.


JatSpray is available in two models: 60l / h and 600l / h. The fanless design ensures smooth operation in dirty or dusty industrial environments, requiring a very low maintenance.


The JetSpray™ Humidification System consists of the required number of JetSpray atomising nozzles of appropriate output, together with a JetSpray control panel.


JetSpray has been designed for direct air spray or in-duct humidification. The system uses air and pressurized water to spray the water that will evaporate very quickly, raising the relative humidity to the desired level.


The pressure and flow regulation are made through the control panel that also incorporates self-protection devices in case of damage.


The operation of the system is fully automated and regulated by a humidity sensor, a hygrostat and external controls.


The system is designed for use with wholesome mains or treated water and is completely sealed and with no open tanks, ensuring freedom from contamination and a healthy working environment. Other water sources may be used, including a de-mineralised water supply. If using demineralised water purer than 60 ppm, then stainless steel pipes and nozzles should be used. Demineralised water quality should not exceed 2 meg ohm.

JetSpray atomising nozzles are fabricated in nickel plated brass, incorporating a stainless steel cleaning pin and diaphragm, with water seal.


When the relative humidity drops below the set level, the air solenoid valve within the control panel opens in response to a humidity demand. When air pressure is at a sufficient level to cause atomisation, a pressure switch activates the water solenoid valve, allowing water to flow to the nozzles. Water cannot flow, therefore, without adequate air pressure.


Whenever the system switches off, pressure within the water line is immediately relieved via the drain line while compressed air continues to flow through the nozzle. This allows the water valves in the nozzles to shut off cleanly, preventing drips. After the air run-on period, a stainless steel cleaning pin is pushed through the orifice of the water jet, removing any mineral deposits.


During prolonged periods where humidity is not required the humidifier will use periodic purge and nozzle flush cycles to prevent water stagnation and inhibit any bacterial growth. The control panel MUST be left powered on at all times for these safety features to function.


The Condair JetSpray humidification system is installed by the manufacturer or distributor, or supplied in a form suitable for installation by in-house technical staff or contractors.




Textile industry, Printing, Tobacco, Refrigerated warehouses, Automotive, Tea production, Fruit and vegetable deposits, Electronic industry, Botanical gardens, etc.

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Technical data
Capacity0-600 lh
Control tolerance±2 % u.R.
Air consumption0.12 SCFM / 0.29 CFM
Water pressure4.5 bar - 10 bar
Water Quality1-1000 ppm
Compressed air pressure5-7 bar
Dimensions ( W x H x D )520 x 750 x 200 mm
Weight30 kg.