Condair DC-N condensing dehumidifier

Condair DC-N condensing dehumidifier

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Condair DC-N condensing dehumidifier. Description:


Condair DC condensing dehumidifiers provide air dehumidification and optional cooling with the help of an external compressor. The unit can only be operated in dehumidification mode when the residual heat from the dehumidification process is released directly into the enclosure or it can be operated in cooling mode when it dehumidifies and cools by evacuating the residual heat using the compressor. Dehumidification capacities range from 263 to 940 L / D (30 ° C / 80% relative humidity) and from 13kW to 43kW of cooling.


Features and Benefits:


  • Provides dehumidification and temperature control;
  • It can deliver the processed air directly to the enclosure or through an air treatment unit;
  • Only high quality branded components used in the refrigeration circuit and R410A;
  • Hot gas defrost and energy efficient EC fans;
  • Enameled galvanized metal housing is a standard feature, also available with stainless steel housing on request;
  • Operation is controlled via a digital display, an optional controller located at a distance of up to 50m from the device or via a BMS (Modbus).


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