Condair DP swimming pool dehumidifiers

Condair DP swimming pool dehumidifiers

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Condair DP swimming pool dehumidifiers. Description:


Condair DP swimming pool dehumidifiers offer extensive dehumidification solutions for commercial or private pools of different dimensions. All dehumidifiers incorporate condensing technology and heat recovery systems to ensure energy efficient operation. Condair DP pool dehumidifiers are based on the principle of heat pump. The heat emitted by the heat pump circuit brings an additional advantage in heating the indoor area of the pools. This leads to considerable savings in the operating costs of the heating system.


Features and Benefits:


  • A wide range of models are available for any size or type of indoor pool;
  • Efficient design of the heat pump;
  • Heat recovery systems available for heating the air or the pool water;
  • It can introduce fresh air and ventilate the exhaust air;
  • Silent fans and refrigeration circuits R410A type.


Available variants:




CONDAIR DP – Dehumidifier for Installation in the Mechanical Room

Especially suitable for hotels and areas with spa and therapy services where a technical-mechanical room is available. DP can be integrated in the technical room where the ventilation ducts guide the air to their specific locations. The recirculated air process ensures a safe and energy efficient dehumidification regardless of the operating hours of the pool. The variety of products with ten air flow intervals and maximum dehumidification capacities of 73 – 940 liters / day can cover a wide range of applications. All Condair DP dehumidifiers can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of the indoor pool.








CONDAIR DP-HE – High-Efficiency Dehumidifier

Condair DP-HE guarantees reliable temperature and humidity control even in extreme weather conditions for commercial swimming pools, large swimming pools, water parks, hotels and wellness and spa facilities. The DP-HE series is available in seven different models and achieves significant performance values at maximum dehumidification capacities of 133 liters / day up to 565 liters / day in pure recirculation mode. Its capacity during outdoor air operation is even more impressive, Condair’s high-efficiency dehumidifiers dehumidify up to 1054 liters / day in continuous operation, thus ensuring sophisticated humidity regulation in highly populated swimming pools.











CONDAIR DP-W – Wall-Mounted Dehumidifiers

Condair DP-W pool dehumidifiers are extremely popular because they are inexpensive and easy to install. Suitable for smaller private swimming pools and medium-sized swimming pools, they are available in five different sizes and have dehumidification capacities from 49 to 190 liters per day. The dehumidifier is wall mounted and only needs to be connected to the power supply and a condensate draining hole to be ready for operation. The DP-W is quiet and fits in perfectly with the existing architecture of the room thanks to its compact design and small size.











CONDAIR DP-R – Dehumidifiers Installed Behind a Partition

Condair’s DP-R model offers extremely efficient dehumidification solutions, especially for concealed installations, it can be mounted on the wall of an adjoining room or in a separate utility room. Therefore, it saves internal space, has no adverse effects on the conceptual design of the swimming pool and provides a particularly high level of comfort for its users. Similar to the Condair wall-mounted range of units, the DP-R series is available in five different sizes and has a maximum dehumidification capacity of 49/190 liters / day.











CONDAIR DP-C – Ceiling-Mounted Dehumidifiers

Condair DP-C offers compact dehumidification solutions. The flat design of this model makes it ideal for mounting under the ceiling or on a suspended ceiling. This type of installation is suitable when there is no technical-mechanical room or if the existing room is too small to install a floor-mounted unit. Condair DP-C pool dehumidifiers are available in five different sizes and have a maximum dehumidification capacity of 49/190 liters / day.








Why is dehumidification so important?


In the case of swimming pools, a high level of water evaporation in combination with high ambient temperatures leads to an enormous level of humidity and an unpleasant feeling of suffocating heat. These unfavorable conditions are the environment conducive to the growth of germs and bacteria, thus becoming a serious risk to the health of employees and people who use the swimming pool. In addition to potential health hazards, hot and humid air also has an impact on the structural elements of the building. Especially in so-called cold spots, such as glass surfaces, metal components or exterior walls, evaporated water causes condensation and can lead to mold and corrosion on components exposed to condensation for long periods of time. The resulting damage leads to more frequent maintenance cycles and periodic repairs to the building’s infrastructure which involve frequent interruptions of activity, thus leading to loss of profit and higher maintenance costs.

Energy efficient dehumidification is the perfect solution to all these problems. Condair dehumidification systems are specially developed for use in swimming pools, are available in a variety of sizes, models and comfort levels, their technology is based on a cooling circuit in which a compressor compresses the refrigerant and guides it into a valve. Thanks to this technology, dehumidification and tempering operations are performed more economical compared to conventional systems that work with outside and exhaust air.

To recover energy, all Condair dehumidifiers work on the principle of heat pumping. This leads to significant savings in operating costs because the heat recovered in the heat pump circuit is reintroduced into the room heating system.

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