Condair Optisorp multiple steam distribution system

Condair Optisorp multiple steam distribution system

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Condair Optisorp multiple steam distribution system. Description:


The Condair OptiSorp steam distribution system ensures uniform distribution of steam released inside a duct or air handling unit and reduces the evaporation distance compared to standard steam pipes.


In-duct condensation is conditioned by several factors. Humidification distance is one of them. When in the immediate proximity of the distribution line is an obstacle, problems with the condensation often occur.


The distribution lines are provided with nozzles to distribute steam throughout the cross-section of the pipes. The absorption distance is up to 4 times smaller compared to the conventional steam distribution pipes.  OptiSorp is made exclusively of high quality stainless steel and plastic materials, thus meeting the highest hygiene requirements.

































Competitive advantages:


  • Optisorp system shortens the humidification distance up to 75%;
  • Due to the patented interior nozzles, the supply of dry and condensate steam is guaranteed;
  • The system offers uniform in-duct distribution of steam and a very precise humidity control;
  • Made of stainless steel for a long service life.







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