Condair GS gas humidifier

Condair GS gas humidifier

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Condair GS gas humidifier.Description:


Condair GS is a gas-powered steam humidifier, more efficient than any other system in its range, environmentally friendly and very efficient.
Gas offers not only a price-benefit ratio, but is also one of the most reliable energy sources from the environmental point of view.

Condair GS operates on propane or natural gas and offers maximum steam power over extremely short periods of time.


With more than two decades of experience in the manufacturing of gas humidifiers, Condair tends to improve systems through innovation and efficiency.

Today, a thermal efficiency of over 90% is ensured with the new 360 ° combustion burner shape. The outcome? A spontaneous response to the humidification requirement, very precise control and minimal gas consumption.

Using gas helps reducing the costs with 60% – 75%  in comparison with the costs of an electric humidifier.


Why choose CONDAIR GS?


  • High efficiency 360 ° gas burner.
  • Large flow of economical steam through gas heating.
  • It works with water directly from the grid, demineralized water or softened water.
  • The heat exchanger is designed from large flat surfaces, so residues can easily be removed.
  • Designed with a water management system for water waste and a more precise humidity control.




CONDAIR GS humidifiers are suitable for functioning in spaces such as:

  • Commercial offices,
  • Schools,
  • Libraries,
  • Museums,
  • Art galleries,
  • Factories,
  • Laboratories,Hospitals, etc.




  • Air recirculation from the humidified enclosure
  • Using outside air.
  • Installation of the GS condair outdoors – it is equipped with a reliable, weather-resistant cabinet.


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Technical data
Capacity23...260 kg/h
Air pressurefrom -300 up to -1200 or from -400 up to -1500 (other intervals available on-demand ) Pa
ComplianceDVGW, CE, VDE
e-LINKSModbus, LonWorks, și BACnet/IP