EL Series – Electrode Steam Humidifier

EL Series – Electrode Steam Humidifier

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Condair EL electrode steam humidifier. Description:


Condair EL is an electric steam humidifier. In this model, the water from the cylinders is heated with the help of electrodes.

The Condair EL humidifier generates sterile steam and thus meeting high hygiene purposes in dry enclosures.

The steam dispenser can be mounted in the tubing or directly into the room with the help of the fan attached above the unit.


Proper humidification is essential for maintaining comfortable, hygienic and safe environments. Accumulation of electrostatic discharges, bacteria and aerosols produced by humans, etc. can be remedied with the help of a humidification system. By controlling the relative humidity, productivity standards are respected, losses and absences from the workplace are reduced.


Why choose the EL series?


  • The starting investment costs are extremely low.
  • You can choose from a wide range of models with capacities up to 180 kg / h.
  • The humidifiers are equipped with intuitive touch screen.
  • It is possible to integrate it into a BACnet system.
  • SIM card for storing all operational information.
  • New ergonomic design.


Competitive Advantages:


  • Provides high flexibility for system engineers, contractors and end customers who need a commercial / industrial humidifier.
  • The steam can be inserted into the duct with a distribution lance or a multiple distribution system. It can also be distributed directly with a fan mounted above the unit.
  • Different models available to serve different room types.
  • EL units offer simplicity and cost savings with spare parts.
  • Hygienic humidification throughout the unit’s life.
  • The Condair EL is equipped with a sensor that signalises that the cylinder needs to be replaced.
  • Condair EL automatically adapts to the water quality available, thus optimizing water consumption. There is no need to treat downstream water.
  • Effective steam production and long service life.
  • Condair EL offers maximum flexibility when it comes to control. It can be controlled by a humidity sensor or can be connected to the BMS.

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Technical data
Capacity5...180 kg/h
CertificationsC-UL US Listed; ISO 9001-2008; ANSI/NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code' AHRI 640, Standard for Commercial and Industrial Humidifiers; ASHRAE Standard 135 BACnet