Outdoor Humidification EL-OC and RS-OC

Outdoor Humidification EL-OC and RS-OC

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Condair OC systems outdoor humidifiers. Description:


CONDAIR EL-OC and RS-OC humidifiers can be used in almost any application that requires reliable humidification. Due to their housing, the humidifiers can be placed outside ,on the roof or in other places outside the enclosure that needs to be humidified.

The new outdoor humidifiers from Condair have IP55 rated housing, this means they take up a lot less space on the roof and are easier to install. CONDAIR EL-OC and RS-OC models are the most compact on the market and include lifting handles to facilitate on-site transportation.

The housing incorporates a heating system controlled by a thermostat and a fan to keep the internal temperature at an optimum level. EL-OC and RS-OC can operate at temperatures between -40 ° and 40 ° C. An antigel valve will ensure that the humidifier drains completely if the unit experiences temperatures below 6 ° C during operating periods.


Why choose CONDAIR EL and RS outdoor humidifiers?


  • They can be installed outside the premises that are in need of humidification.
  • They are resistant to any weather conditions.
  • They are very simple to install and system maintenance is very easy.
  • You can choose from a full range of different capacities.
  • Powerful connection via the integrated touchscreen controller.




  • Tested and approved for outdoor operation.
  • Resistant to temperatures of -40 ° C in winter and + 40 ° C in summer.
  • IP54 certified (NEMO3 equivalent) for reliability in almost all outdoor environments.
  • Waterproof cabinet.
  • Ergonomic design – easy to handle.
  • Easy to install – requires only one electrical connection for water supply and drainage.
  • The internal water cooling system allows the cooler to drain without the need for additional cooling.




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