Steam distribution system for available steam Condair ESCO

Steam distribution system for available steam Condair ESCO

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Steam distribution system for available steam Condair ESCO. Description:


Condair Esco is the perfect choice for enclosures where air humidification is done through steam distribution. It performs the humidification process using steam taken from an existing steam supply network. Esco ensures precise control of the steam flow and its uniform and non-condensing distribution.

Ideal for use in hospitals, laboratories and production areas that already have a central source of steam.


Why Esco?

The Condair Esco steam distribution system can distribute between 5 – 1000 kg of steam / hour using a single valve and 2000 kg of steam / hour if two valves are connected to each other.

The system is fully adaptable, it can be customized according to requirements, and the installation and commissioning can be done very quickly thus the interruption of the ventilation system for the installation of the distribution system goes unnoticed.

Users, contractors and planners have trusted Condair Esco for many years, and Walter Meier’s developers are working tirelessly to improve the technology involved. So you will take advantage of years of experience and the latest research findings.

The filters, the water separators as well as the drainage channels of the primary and secondary condensation ensure clean (hygienic) steam, without condensation.

The system is compact thus representing the ideal placement regardless of the type of installation.



The Condair ESCO patented steam lance has tiny inner nozzles that draw steam only from the center of the steam lance where it is the hottest and driest. This ensures that any condensation that occurs around the colder outer edges is not introduced into the pipe.


Features and Benefits:


  • The system uses existing steam for humidification;
  • High steam capacity of up to 2,000 kg / hour;
  • Works up to 4 bar;
  • Rotary slide valve closes with absolutely tightness and works precisely;
  • Compact design;
  • Provides condensation-free humidification;
  • The patented steam lance works without the need for preheating.


Condair ESCO is available in cast iron or stainless steel models with a variety of steam pipe options to fit the required dimensions and meet the required absorption distances.

The system is available in two variants: ESCO DL40 and ESCO DR73. For more details please consult the brochure or contact us.



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