Band knife splitting machine Fortuna AN 400

Band knife splitting machine Fortuna AN 400

Manufacturer: Fortuna

Product Code: Fortuna_AN_400

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Band knife splitting machine Fortuna AN 400. Description:


The Fortuna AN 400 splitting machine is mainly used in the leather, shoe and automotive interior industry. Fortuna technology ensures the highest performance of all operations.


Advantages the band knife splitting machine Fortuna AN 400:


  • Equipped with digital display of the splitting and scrap thickness;
  • The constant knife edge position is possible by automatically adjusting the knife with control via magnifying glass;
  • Equipped with AC motors;
  • Provided with upper driven presser roll and rubber feed roll;
  • Scrap suction;
  • Stepless electronic adjustable feed drive.


Optional components for Fortuna AN 400 splitting machine:


  • Roller way table 8 mm;
  • Additional guides;
  • Transportation device;
  • CBN grinding device with central adjustment.


Available versions:


  • Fortuna AN 400;
  • Fortuna AN 400 E.


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Technical data
Working width (mm)400
min. splitting thickness presser bar / presser roll (mm)0,2 / 0,5
max. clearance (mm)8,0
Stepless electronic adjustable feed drive (m/min)2 - 24
Noise emission dB (A)78
Dimensions length, width, height (cm)160, 100, 130
Electrical power supply (kVA)5
Net weight (kg)700
Packing dimensions Length, width, height (cm)175, 115, 146