Bandknife Splitting Machine FORTUNA SPA 750 H

Bandknife Splitting Machine FORTUNA SPA 750 H

Manufacturer: Fortuna

Product Code: Fortuna_SPA_750_H

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Bandknife Splitting Machine FORTUNA SPA 750 H. Description:


Precision Bandknife Splitting Machine. The SPA 750 H features a program memory integrated in the control unit where up to 100 splitting programs can be stored. When a stored program is set, the feeding speed is set automatically. This machine is mainly used  for splitting leather and similar materials in the shoe and leather goods industry, as well as for the interior equipment in the automotive industry.





The LCD display shows: Upper splitting thickness 0.75 mm, lower scrap thickness 00.10 mm, feed drive 10 m/min, thickness gauge indicator 0.70 mm.

The machine features a working width of 750 mm and the position of the lower feed roll is indicated on the display.



Advantages of FORTUNA SPA 750 H band knife splitting machine:


  • Splitting thickness adjustment by servomotor.
  • LCD display of the splitting thickness and scrap thickness in steps of 0.05 mm.
  • Splitting thickness display with correction factor.
  • Digital thickness gauge.
  • 100 storage positions for splitting parameter.
  • Control of operations and malfunctions.
  • Foot pedal for the precise adjustment of material transport.
  • The feed roll pretension is pneumatically adjustable.
  • Swiveling carrier for pressure bar (standard) and pressure roll (optional)
  • Steel feed roll, (lower), knurled 1.2 mm
  • Self-adjusting band knife with visual control or manually adjustable band knife.
  • Reinforced scrap suction device.
  • Grinding dust suction device / Metal filter.
  • Work lamp.




  • Ethernet-interface TCP / JP (optional).
  • Lower rubber feed roll.

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Technical data
Working width (mm)750
min. splitting thickness, bar / roll (mm)0,4 / 0,9
max. clearance (mm)8,0
Feed drive (m/min)2 - 24
Noise emission dB(A)76
Dimensions (cm) length, width, height208, 148, 160
Electrical power supply (kVA)5
Net weight (kg)990
Suction device length, width, height180, 85, 85
Compr. air consumption (m3/h)0,5 / 6 bar
Machine packing dimensions (l, w, h (cm))205, 120, 170