Röchling Hydroma Cutting Board HY 71 green

Röchling Hydroma Cutting Board HY 71 green

Manufacturer: Röchling Hydroma

Product Code: HY_71

High quality product


Cutting Board HY 71 green. Description:


The Roechling Hydroma HY 71 green cutting board is used in the footwear, leather and paper industry.

Roechling Hydroma cutting boards are used in the technological process when it is desired to cut various materials. They can be used in different applications. (e.g. automotive, leather goods, footwear, fashion shops etc.)

With their help, remarkable results of the quality of the cutting are obtained and the life span of the cutting knives is extended.


It is recommended to be used for the following types of materials:


Leather, leather fibers, paper, cardboard.


Note: Prices available on request depending on the requested dimensions.


For technical information, please check the table:

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