Röchling Hydroma Cutting Board HY 73 multicoloured

Röchling Hydroma Cutting Board HY 73 multicoloured

Manufacturer: Röchling Hydroma

Product Code: HY_73

High quality product


Röchling Hydroma Cutting Board HY 73 multicoloured. Description:


HY 73 multicoloured is an multi-purpose cutting board for swing-arm cutting machines, recommended for cutting materials such as leather and insole materials.


Benefits of HY 73 cutting board:


  • The HY 73 multicoloured cutting board is used in the leather and footwear industry;
  •  Better cutting quality, better tooling wear which equates to less defective parts & increased production;
  • Available in a variety of sizes;
  • This cutting board is suitable for all types of cutting machines and cutting tools.


To extend the life of the cutting boards we recommend storing them in a horizontal position to avoid possible deformation, use the entire cutting surface (rotate and turn the cutting board periodically for even wear) and make sure that the cutting tools are sharpened.


Note: Prices available on demand depending on the requested dimensions.


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