Röchling Hydroma HY 72 red-brown Cutting Board

Röchling Hydroma HY 72 red-brown Cutting Board

Manufacturer: Röchling Hydroma

Product Code: HY_72

High quality product


Röchling Hydroma HY 72 red-brown Cutting Board. Description:


This type of cutting board is used in the footwear industry. It is recommended for cutting leather and soft materials.


Advantages of HY 72 cutting board:


  • Reducing the time required for material processing;
  • The wear on the cutting tools is reduced thus extending their service life;
  • Optimal productivity and high quality cutting;
  • HY 72 is compatible with all cutting machines and tools;
  • Available in a variety of sizes.


To extend the life of the cutting boards we recommend storing them in a horizontal position to avoid possible deformation, use the entire cutting surface (rotate and turn the board periodically for even wear) and make sure that the cutting tools are sharpened.


Note: Prices available on request depending on the requested dimensions.


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