We want to be a competence center that offers optimal solutions for your production unit.
With a team of specialists consisting of engineers, technicians and technologists with extensive experience in the field, we offer consultancy, service and practical seminars at any level.
Our main goal is to optimize, streamline and solve your production problems, using the technology provided by our partners.
Thus, we represent exclusively in Romania, Moldova Republic and Ukraine top manufacturers of machinery and equipment, at the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Together with them, we offer you competence in the field we represent and the best price-quality ratio.


With the help of our team of engineers and technicians, we are ready to respond to your demands for any equipment that we have sold: commissioning, maintenance and revisions.

We also provide post-warranty services based on conventions.


Support in choosing the most effective and durable customized solutions that genuinely meet your demands by:

  • Technical and commercial assistance online, via telephone, email or on-site support;
  • Technical and technological consultancy;
  • Price quotes for equipment purchase, service for repair and maintenance, devices, accessories, consumables and spare parts.


Training for sold machinery and equipment to prepare service and maintenance personnel through direct actions consisting of:

  • training when putting equipment into service;
  • interactive training at the customer’s premises for service and maintenance personnel;
  • seminars on specific themes, aimed at presenting the novelties in the field, the technologies used in the manufacture of a particular product or the way of servicing and maintaining the equipment;
  • improving the technological flow.


Starting from our motto “Everything for your industry” , we are one of the leading suppliers of  machinery, equipment and industrial accessories in the country, with over 15 years of experience in this field. We offer a wide range of innovative products, supported by optimal solutions, adapted to the needs of the final customer.

  • We are the representative of the Condair Group in Romania and Moldova Republic, offering complete services: we design, install and comission humidification and dehumidification systems.
  • We are the representative of the Bullmer Group in Romania, offering complete services for the cutting room (textile industry, automotive, leather, and other industries that are using soft materials as raw material)
  • We are the representative of the Veit Group in Romania, Moldova Republic and Ukraine, offering complete services for the finishing room (textile industry, automotive and other industries that are finishing goods)
  • We are the representative of Crea Solution in Romania, Moldova Republic and Ukraine. We offer complete services for 2D and 3D design, ERP, PLM, CRM systems for the textile industry, automotive, aerospace, upholstered furniture, leather, and other related industries.
  • We offer consultation services before and after the purchase, as well as service and support for the entire range of equipment provided by us.
  • We have over 20 years of experience in the design, installation and commissioning of technological steam, vacuum and air conditioning systems obtained from boilers, pumps and compressors towards the end consumers. Our partners in this field are Veit, Jumag, Hilti and othersWe are authorized I.S.C.I.R. Romania and TUV Germany
  • We offer technical and investment advice as well as service during and after the warranty period, with our own technicians and technologists regularly trained in Germany as well as spare parts from our warehouses in Sibiu and Berdicev, Ukraine.
  • We offer professional water treating systems and solutions, treatment and purification by reverse osmosis, softening, deferrizers, denitrifiers and other water filters.
  • We offer complete automation solutions
  • For our permanent customers we offer free seminars conducted by specialists from our partner companies in order to improve the technological process.