Jumag EDI Electric Steam Generator

Jumag EDI Electric Steam Generator

Manufacturer: Jumag

Product Code: Generator_Electric_Jumag

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Jumag EDI Electric Steam Generator: Description:


The EDI series from Jumag are designed particularly for high demands. Connection possibilities for mannequins, steam tables and other steam consumers.


Illustration for feed water tank – condensate vessel dimensions:

Advantages of Jumag EDI Electric Steam Generator:


  • Outputs from 20 kW to 120 kW as a single unit steam system;
  • Higher outputs in the form of multiple steam units possible;
  • Not subject to approval or monitoring in Germany and many other countries;
  • Stainless steel pressure vessel in large capacity steam boiler design;
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to horizontal design;
  • Easy to operate, highly effective touch screen control – via JUMAG Connect Connection to PC, mobile end devices or control centres possible;
  • No electrical peaks due to symmetrical power network loading;
  • User friendly;
  • Simple usage via intuitive touch-screen controls in many languages;
  • No approval or monitoring needed in many countries, as approved by the latest European standard (DIN EN) for electric steam boilers;
  • Good access for maintenance purposes via horizontally positioned, flanged heating elements;
  • Optionally with automatic blow down or desalination;
  • Flexible and simple;
  • Optimal media connections on the upper side;
  • Merging all ventilation lines to a connection port and all drainage lines to one connection;
  • Possibility of full usage of the JUMAG accessory programme;
  • Only requires a small space due to a compact design;
  • Casters for simple transport or frequent changing places.


Available variants :


  • EDI20;
  • EDI40;
  • EDI60;
  • EDI80;
  • EDI100;
  • EDI120.



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Technical data
Operating pressure (blow-of pressure relief valve)EDI20/EDI40 - 5,3 bar; EDI60/EDI80 - 3,4 bar; EDI100/EDI120 - 2,6 bar.
Steam output up to (at 15°C feed water temperature)EDI20- 26,5 kg/h 0,44 kg/Min; EDI40- 53 kg/h 0,88 kg/Min; EDI60-80 kg/h 1,32 kg/Min; EDI80- 106 kg/h 1,77 kg/Min; EDI100-132,5 kg/h 2,2 kg/Min; EDI120-160 kg/h 2,64 kg/Min.
Max. operating pressure0,3 barg - 11 barg
Power supply400 V / 50Hz