Veit High Pressure Steam Station 2381

Veit High Pressure Steam Station 2381

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Statie_Abur_Veit_2381

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High Pressure Steam Station 2381. Description:


Veit 2381 was created to be used together with the VEIT finishing mannequins, up-steam tables, steam irons, finishers and other steam consumers.


Thanks to the 75-liters tank (50 l water and 25 l steam) the steam supply is optimized and the safety of the working process is guaranteed.


With two VEIT 2381 steam stations, a sufficient amount of steam is reached to power a VEIT Tunnel Finisher.


The station’s compact design makes it easy to install, operate and service. The integrated stainless steel water supply system, and the drainage tanks also have a compact, tubular design, which have the role of minimizing the installation costs being ready for operation after only a few connections.


The control elements and the functional controls of the generator are very clearly defined and this aspect greatly helps the operators when operating or maintaining the generator, making these processes being less complex.


When the water level in the generator drops, the heating elements of the generator deteriorate due to drying. This is not possible with the VEIT 2381 generator because it has electronic water level control and has dual protection against low water level.


Large heating elements with low surface load protect the heating roads and extend the life span of the steam station.


Available in the fallowing versions:


  • 40 kW / 400 V for 55 kg steam/h;
  • 50 kW / 400 V for 68 kg steam/h;
  • 60 kW / 400 V for 78 kg steam/h.


For increased steam qualities, two steam stations can be placed on top of each other (tandem operation). This saves space and supplies up to 156 kg steam/h.


* VEIT 2381 steam station complies with the directives on pressure equipment 97 / 23EU.




  • Optimized steam supply and maximum operating safety thanks to a 75- litre tank (50 l water and 25 l steam);
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance;
  • Integrated stainless steel feedwater and blow-down tanks;
  • High temperature feedwater pump ensures high operating safety;
  • High operating safety ensured by electronic control of water level and a double protection against low water: no running dry of heating elements;
  • Large heating elements with low surface load protect the heating roads and extend the life span;
  • The blow-down process is carried out safely from the front of the steam generator.


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Technical data
Steam pressure6,0 – 7,0 bar
Electrical connection400/ 40,50,60 Volt/ Kw
Dimensions1080 x 780 x 970 mm
Weight340 kg
Steam quantity55,68,78 kg / h
Steam connection3/4