Veit Steam Generator Veit SG 67

Veit Steam Generator Veit SG 67

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Steam Generator Veit SG 67. Description:


SG 67 steam generator is designed for continuous operation in the following industrial applications: garment and textiles industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, production and laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies, food and beverage sector, packaging sector, iron and steel industry.

One of the advantages of SG 67 is the water supply tank, wich,  in combination with the automatic boiler filling unit allows continuous operation throughout the day without refilling.

Another strength of the new range of SG 67 generators is the possibility of using two types of water, namely tap water treated with the special Lapidon solution, which prevents metals and minerals in the water composition to deposit on the heating elements. Thus, the heating elements remain permanently clean ensuring the maximum heating time and capacity. And softened water which can be produced in advance with a softening unit.


Three performance levels


  • 2.2 kW – 230 V for 3.0 kg steam/h, one connection, e. g. for one iron;
  • 4.4 kW – 400 V for 6.0 kg steam/h, two connections, e. g. for two irons;
  • 6.6 kW – 400 V for 9.0 kg steam/h, two connections, e. g. for two AS-irons, very short heating time;





In combination with the Steam Clean cleaning option, the automatic cleaning cycle replaces the daily emptying procedure and thus protects the boiler from mineral deposits and corrosion for a long time.




The Control Unit allows you to choose between three power levels. By selecting more or less humid steam for different product groups, customized settings are perfectly easy to implement.








  • Electronic signal (optical and acoustic) in case the water tank is empty;
  • Stainless steel boiler;
  • The safety and protection of the system is guaranteed due to the independent safety equipment that controls the pressure and has a safety valve which protects against overheating and blocks the system in case of an accidental opening;
  • Electronic protection of the water supply pump against breakage in case of water drainage;
  • Safety shut-down to prevent overheating;
  • Connection for 2 wires (2 electromagnetic valves);
  • Adjusting the operating pressure in 3 different pressure levels 3, 4 and 5 bar;
  • Adjustable steam quality;
  • Integrated locking castors;
  • Operation with distilled water and reverse osmosis water is possible.



The steam generator is available in several versions (2.2, 4.4 and 6.6 KW), as well as with the possibility of connecting to one or two steam consumers. The extended safety measures protect against the operating errors and ensure the safe use of the steam generator.


Available versions:



Veit SG 67 2.2kW:


  • Connection for 1 iron (one solenoid valve).
  • Operating pressure: 3.5-4 bar.
  • Steam output: approx. 2,8 kg / h.
  • Integrated feedwater tank 23 liters.
  • Including drainage tank.


Veit SG 67 4,4kW:


  • Connection for 2 irons (two electromagnetic valves).
  • Operation pressure 3.5-4 bar.
  • Steam capacity approx. 6 kg/h.
  • water tank 23l, drainage tank.


Veit SG 67 6,6KW:



  • Connection for 1 iron (one solenoid valve).
  • Operating pressure: 3.5-4 bar.
  • Steam output: about 8 kg / h.
  • Integrated feedwater tank 23 liters.
  • Including drainage tank.




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Technical data
Steam pressure3,0 bar
Electrical connection230 v / 2,2 Kw
Dimensions L x W x H235 x 420 x 622 (10.0 x 16.5 x 24.5) mm / inch
Weight32 Kg
Steam quantity3 kg / hour
Steam connection3/8