Automatic cutting machine BULLMER X-CUT

Automatic cutting machine BULLMER X-CUT

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Automatic cutting machine BULLMER X-CUT. Description:


X-CUT is the smaller version of the famous Bullmer Premiumcut ELC, this cutting machine it’s easy to be used and it can be operated by both experts or begginers.

The X-Cut is robust, does not take up much space and offers an attractive price performance relationship.



Advantages of the BULLMER X-CUT automatic cutting machine:


  • X-CUT is an extremely flexible, single-ply automatic cutting machine;
  • X-CUT does not take up much space and can be easily integrated into the production line;
  • The cutting speed of the X-Cut machine offers significant production increases;
  • Reducing material losses is a necessity, with X-CUT material losses are minimized;
  • Bullmer X-CUT helps you to be efficient due to the reduction of production times;
  • The bullmer X-Cut offers you the famous and experienced bullmer advantage, leads you to the proper adaption of your cutting process, so that your production reliability can really come true;
  • X-CUT is suitable both for standard cutting rooms and for workshops where prototypes or smaller orders are produced.


Fast and economical


Intelligent cutting – The right tool for almost every application!


Radically flexible


The X-Cut processes materials up to 35 mm thick


Extremely versatile


The X-CUT can be expanded thanks to its growing concept.


Strong and compact


X-Cut impresses with its efficient functions and tools.





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Technical data
Standard working length2000 mm
Standard working width1600 mm
Working height880 mm +/- 40 mm
Max. cutting height(material dependent)
Max. Accelerationup to 2 g
Positioning speed120 m/min
Repeat accuracy0.1 mm
Compressed air6 bar
Power3,5 kW plus performance of the vacuum pump (7,5 kW)
Humidity< 80 %
Temperature15-35 °C