BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control – Production software

BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control – Production software

Manufacturer: CGS

Product Code: Bluecherry_SFC

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BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control production software – a real-time solution for manufacturing process optimization.


Manages, supervises and optimizes all activities and resources in the production process.


BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control helps clothing, fashion and consumer goods manufacturers consistently improve employee productivity, production line efficiency and product quality. The latest cloud, wireless and analytics technologies make this multilingual software easy to implement, maintain and use.


This production software records time and performance data for all production activities in real time. Key performance indicators (KPIs) for operators, production lines and teams are presented in easy-to-understand displays on a configurable dashboard.

These dashboards used for production line control provide detailed business information for greater production transparency. Advanced analysis and reporting are available through BlueCherry Business Intelligence (BI) tools integrated into the BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control Enterprise.


With online access, directors and business partners have the necessary transparency to monitor every aspect of factory operations. All stakeholders benefit from real-time production visibility, which allows for faster and better informed business decisions across the entire supply chain and the entire production area.

Supervisors and managers rely on BlueCherry Shop Floor Control to identify and resolve production bottlenecks. The system presents options for fixing production delays. Proactive line balancing tools help managers anticipate potential imbalances.


BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control significantly reduces working time, administrative and labor costs, eliminating the requirements for time clocks, paper tickets, gum sheets and manual recording and processing of production and gross payroll information.

BlueCherry SFC Enterprise includes a comprehensive source-to-payroll solution that automatically collects data as operators scan barcodes or RFID tags for each of their activities. This greatly reduces the time allocated to salary calculations and the errors resulting from these calculations.


BlueCherry production software is the ideal solution for managing production lines in factories. Web-based customizable dashboards provide real-time visibility, transparency and information to help you understand performance and production status at a glance. BlueCherry BI integrated tools enable more advanced analysis that reveals important business trends and opportunities. Production software allows all stakeholders to make faster, better-informed decisions that can transform and modernize the entire production process.


CGS BlueCherry® real time shop floor solution:


  • Easy to implement
  • Performance reports, order status, costs, etc
  • Order administration and supervision
  • Quality control – Carrying out inspections to ensure the quality of the products made
  • Database with all production equipment, including history of purchases and repairs
  • Recording machine performance
  • Efficient management of maintenance activities
  • Real-time production monitoring
  • Tracking performance indicators for operators and production lines.



Why choose BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control production software?


The software is versatile and easy to use:


  • On-site implementations, in cloud or customer data center
  • Compatible with low cost tablets and smartphones
  • Web-based client devices to provide flexibility and mobility
  • User interfaces available in several languages
  • User-defined terminology
  • Able to monitor multiple work shifts
  • Allows you to connect multiple production areas / factories on a single server




  • Import from PLM / ERP
  • Import employee data – HR
  • Integrates with T&A Biometric
  • Export salary data to the payroll system used
  • Import operation data from MTM / GSD systems




  • Industrial terminals for barcode and RFID operators
  • Flexible salary per piece calculations
  • Monitoring training results to stimulate operators during training and to monitor their progress thereafter
  • Access to videos with the standard operating method – directly from the screen




  • Operator performance report in real time – depending on the activity undertaken or production order
  • Operator performance history – depending on the activity undertaken or production order
  • The situation of production orders and costs
  • Real costs of the model
  • All reports can be displayed on tablet, smartphone, computer, printed report or export to Excel
  • Large screens to display the performance of the group, team, department, production line or the entire factory in real time; videos can also be displayed


Quality control:


  • Inspection of operators and individual packages
  • Fixed inspection points inside production lines
  • Complete inspection at the end of the production line – final audit
  • Record final measurements of garments and compare them with standard measurements


Equipment database:


  • Maintain a database with all production equipment, including history of purchases and repairs
  • Associating operators with the equipment they work on to record performance
  • Monitor preventive maintenance and machine repairs (time and cost)
  • Registration of spare parts inventory



With the help of the production software from CGS you can manage in real time all operations that take place in the production lines, from the moment the order is placed by the customer until the final product is obtained.

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