Bullmer AWM 2000 unwinding system

Bullmer AWM 2000 unwinding system

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Bullmer AWM 2000 unwinding system. Description:


AWM 2000 is particularly suitable for the automotive and upholstery industry, as well as for companies that process technical textiles, it can process materials such as: flat collapsible textiles, home textiles, non-woven and technical textiles.


Bullmer combines ergonomic design with functional features so users benefit from efficiency, production and reduced maintenance costs.

To meet the detailed needs of each production area all standard versions of the machines can be modified by adding different optional components, the machines can be extended even after installation.


Outstanding advantages:


  • The automatic system releases the beginning end of the material, thread the flat material by means of sensor control and automatically bring it to the cutter conveyor belt in correct position for conveyance;
  • During conveyance sensors monitor the material ensuring evenness and tension free-flow. The end of the cloth roll is automatically identified and the feed process stopped if necessary. The rolls can be exchanged parallel to the cutting process;
  • The automatic material feed makes it possible for the cutter to be operated by one person.

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