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With the main activity of developing integrated technologies for industries that use soft materials, Crea is the ideal IT partner for retailers, MTM, fashion designers, the automotive industry, leather processing and upholstered furniture industry. Our goal is to increase the production process and implicitly the business performance of our clients, while helping the designers in designing the next successful collection.


Our products:




Our 2D CAD is the most advanced CAD for clothing design, pattern editing, for the design of bags and other small leather goods, for the design of upholstered furniture, composite materials and technical materials, for the design of car seats, car interiors and components for the automotive industry.





CAD 2D Create ™

For clothing design and pattern editing with integrated 3D CAD Lotta & Vstitcher.





  • The most advanced CAD of the new generation that helps to create and modify patterns.
  • Customizable and flexible features.
  • Able to directly import formats such as: Optitex, Lectra, Gerber, Autodesk, Investronica and Audaces.
  • Design a pattern in just 10 seconds with the help of the built-in macro features.
  • You can import and edit patterns created with another CAD.
  • Create ™ accelerates the creative flow.
  • Digitize patterns in 4 different ways.
  • Due to the reduction of design times, designers are able to fully express their creativity.
  • 2D / 3D integration helps you visualize patterns on a real 3D model.




  • This revolutionary software allows the transformation of 2D patterns into realistic clothing in 3D, thus reducing by 30% the time required from creation to delivery of products.
  • Immediate visualization of clothing and real-definition changes during design allows you to avoid the prototyping phase, greatly speeding up the workflow.
  • V Stitcher ™ is the tool that replaced prototyping in the fashion industry. When a model is imported into DXF, you get a realistic view of each item.
  • The tension and elasticity of the fabric are simulated in a realistic way.
  • There is a wide range of customizable mannequins available in more than 20 positions and parameters.





Lotta ™ – 2D/3D integration






  • The 3D solution specially designed to accelerate the design of a single item of clothing or an entire collection. You can access a rich library of customizable basic templates.
  • Quick and intuitive, the program is seamlessly integrated with Adobe Illustrator and allows you to upload the necessary textures to get an endless range of variations for each design.






CAD software specially designed for the production of small leather goods.





  • This version of Create ™ software was designed and developed to help design leather goods.
  • Several very special features have been included in this version: the ability to create symbols, design your items in a cylindrical way, or include multiple metal parts in your design.
  • CREATE also allows automatic nesting of leather items.
  • CREATE has tools and features specially developed to meet the requirements of leather designers.
  • In addition to offering a wide range of universal import / export tools, Create is able to directly import formats such as Lectra, Optitex and Gerber.






Automatic nesting for leather materials.





  • IVS allows the artificial viewing of the material by identifying its quality or defect areas.
  • IVS Software is the new software platform capable of designing and nesting the model’s parts in an extraordinarily fast and precise way, thus reducing material losses.
  • IVS is available on three different levels of automation to meet the main needs of the fashion, leather, furniture and automotive sectors, it is able to work with any leather type. It is therefore suitable for both small production areas and areas with a high production capacity.






Automatic nesting for the upholstered furniture industry.





  • Create ™ is the best way to create and edit softwood furniture models. The pattern making program is assisted by various working tools and commands to speed up the design. These include the ability to parametrically display different seams or corner steps, to display the textures of different fabrics by combining or separating separate components of the pattern, and the ability to automatically manage folds, fringes, and cuffs.
  • It is possible to import other formats directly into the program, so that patterns made with other CAD programs are easy and simple to edit.
  • High performance nesting system capable of perfectly combining standardization with flexibility.
  • Optimizes the use of the material through speed algorithms.
  • Allows control and cost reduction while minimizing material losses
  • Customizable according to customer needs, thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, it is also possible to automatically nest the patterns made in Lectra, Gerber, Optitex and Assyst formats.
  • Reduces the need for reports, eliminates production delays caused by congestion of materials.







For the design of car seats, interiors and components for the automotive industry.





  • Accelerates the production of seats and components, both for cars and motorcycles.
  • In addition to offering a wide range of universal import / export tools, Create is able to directly import formats such as Lectra, Optitex and Gerber.
  • Automatic nesting system that can operate 24/24 and can be integrated with digital cutters.
  • Decreases material losses by 5%.
  • Accelerate the design phase of both fabric and leather, thanks to the suite of models with direct importers of their own formats.
  • This system allows the parametric representation of the angular steps or the assignment of information about the quality areas of the leather that will be read by the digital cutters, to manage the joining and separation of the various parts of the pattern and folds in a fully automatic way.
  • Provides a continuous cutting cycle, high quality finished products and a reduction of manual labor by up to 90%.






For the automatic nesting of technical and composite materials.





  • Our automatic nesting feature optimizes the use of complex raw materials, such as carbon fiber fabrics, fiberglass, polyurethane, etc.
  • Mind Cliché ™ is the innovative automatic nesting software that can reduce production time by 98% compared to manual nesting.
  • Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm it can automatically place patterns from the most famous CAD software on the market on any type of material or technical material.
  • It is possible to outline the area of interest manually or by using an artificial optical recognition system to achieve optimal nesting in minutes. The ULTRA version can increase performance by about 1% to 2% on physical / virtual multiprocessor machines.
  • Save up to 5% on raw materials with Mind Cliché – flexible automatic nesting that optimizes production efficiency.






MTM – Made to Measure CAD






  • The manufacture of custom-made garments involves several stages of complex processing. Automating these steps has been a challenge for Crea by designing integrated solutions for tailoring stores or big fashion brands that offer these special services to their customers.
  • Today, you can collect all of your customer’s personal information in a database, including measurements, models, and orders, integrating data with PLM or ERP to automate the manufacturing process, from design to marking and tailoring. .
  • Creafit ™ is seamlessly integrated with e-commerce platforms where a company, dealer or end customer decides to place an order for an item with custom measurements and features.
  • The order is collected in a powerful database, which automatically sends it to the company’s information systems, from the business division (CRM), to the management division (ERP), to the logistics and fabrics warehouse (MRP), to the department modeling (CAD)) where pattern changes are processed, until the cutting process. The whole process, except for cutting, takes about two minutes per article.






Creafit ™ for custom-made clothing






This CAD tool was developed to support companies operating in the MTM industry to reduce design time. It allows you to simply enter different measurements or totals instead of manually editing each part of the model according to customer requirements. In just a few clicks, you get a custom template without having to manually edit lines, dots, rules, and notches. You can customize the range of measurements for each item of clothing.






Creafit Plus 






Creafit ™ Plus not only automates the manufacturing process of a garment, but also takes care of its entire value chain, from the moment it is ordered until its delivery. The software is also seamlessly integrated with DB, CRM, ERP, MRP and CAD systems. Once customer measurements are entered, the software will automatically identify the patterns and adapt them. He will edit the pattern himself, taking care of framing and dividing according to fabric and color, and drafting quality management guidelines. The order will be processed together with all the others and placed in an automatic cutting line.






PLM – Product life management





  • Digital transformation of the entire production chain.
  • The only PLM with WYSIWYG philosophy, what you see in the device will also be displayed in the data sheets.
  • All information centralized in a single database.
  • Displays real-time information – supports over 15,000 users.
  • All data is stored securely on cloud platforms and high-performance servers.
  • The entire product life cycle managed and controlled in a single platform: sketches, 2D / 3D virtual simulation, marketing plan, e-commerce, cost management, quality control, collection planning, ERP, order management, etc.
  • Store images, documents, files of all kinds intelligently by labeling them in the right format whenever needed.
  • The product development process in the fashion sector is based on data from the previous season, current trends and designer sentiment.
  • The PLM Crea solution is equipped with machine learning algorithms that allow you to find out all the sales data (online and at points of sale), translating them into attributes that will be the drivers for the development of the new collection.






Match ™ digital simulation using artificial intelligence

for automatic nesting of materials with prints, stripes, plaids or repetitive images




  • Crea offers the innovative digital simulation system capable of automating a process that is currently done manually.
  • The entire process proposed by Crea is based on AI Artificial Intelligence, the system is actually able to replace the human eye recognizing the conditions of the fabric spread on the automatic cutting machine through linear cameras and perceive each fold or defect, reading over 35,000 cross stitches per square meter.
  • The software is integrated with Creafit and the MTM suite.
  • Reduce material losses by 12%. With these systems, the production of garments with prints, stripes, plaids or repetitive images will be automated and the quality of the final product will not be compromised.
  • The production time of a garment will be drastically reduced, providing efficiency to the entire production cycle.

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