Cutter Plotter ProJetCut

Cutter Plotter ProJetCut

Manufacturer: Algotex

Product Code: Cutter_Plotter_ProJetCut

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Cutter Plotter ProJetCut. Description:


ProJetCut is the latest in Algotex product development, representing a unique and innovative machine capable of standard plotting, and cutting paper and cardboard with a maximum weight of 200g.

The combination of these two technologies plus exceptional precision make it the most versatile and reliable product on the market.


Advantages of the ProJetCut plotter:


  • Print technology: ink jet;
  • Cutter technology: tangential blade;
  • Paper movement: high-precision pinch roller system, configurable by media type;
  • Cutting method: by window, with dimensions chosen by the operator;
  • Type of cut: dimensions of the section to be cut are selected by the operator;
  • Interface: compatible with all CAD systems;
  • (Optional): file nesting.


Available as ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180

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Technical data
Maximum speed ProJetCut 160 60mq/ora
Maximum speed ProJetCut 180 70mq/ora
Printing width ProJetCut 160 165
Printing width ProJetCut 180 185
Max. cutting speed ProJetCut 160 1000 mms lungime 1414 mms latime
Max. cuttin speed ProJetCut 180 1000 mms lungime 1414 mms latime
Dimensions ProJetCut 160 220x110x40 cm
Dimensions ProJetCut 180 245x110x40 cm
Weight ProJetCut 160 90 kg
Weight ProJetCut 180 105 kg
Printing resolution ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 300 DPI
Power supply ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 115 v – 220 v
Electrical consumption ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 < 150 W
Paper weightProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 de la 30 la 80g
Max. kg paper roll ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 40 kg
Max.diameter paper roll ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 30 cm
File format ProJetCut 160 / ProJetCut 180 hpgl/hpgl2