Plotter LINE 2hp

Plotter LINE 2hp

Manufacturer: Algotex

Product Code: Line18_Line22

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Plotter LINE 2hp. Description:


Line is recognized as one of the best plotters in its range. Available as LINE 18 and LINE 22 (2 hp). All types of paper, including normal, recycled and thermo adhesive can be used. Provides a very easy way to load and remove paper from the front tube. Thanks to the two HP writing heads, LINE prints at a rate of 85 square meters per hour and is compatible with the latest Windows operating systems.

  • Printing width: 180 and 220 cm;
  • Non-stop printing without operator assistance required, even for overnight work;
  • Plug and Play;
  • Paper winding on an ultra-light aluminum tube with assisted extraction and free paper;
  • Supports paper spools of up to 40 kg, with user-friendly forward paper loading and self-locking cones;
  • Electronic system to monitor and signal end of paper;
  • Automatic interruption of printing activity in case of paper jam;
  • Able to accommodate all paper grades, including normal, recycled and thermo-adhesive;
  • Motorized paper tension system, patented by Algotex;
  • Constant printing regardless of the heaviness of the lines, shape or dimensions of the illustration, or number of elements present in the design;
  • Utilization of throw-away discarded paper, HP or compatible;
  • Electronic control of ink levels;
  • Double resolution graphics for differentiation of line quality;
  • Stroke width controlled by the operator;
  • USB-2 hardware connection, able to interface with all CAD systems present on the market (HPGL, HPGL2, ISO, DXF);
  • Autoinstallable software driver, chronological printing log;
  • Dimensions: 272 x 114 x 40.5 cm (180 plotter); 312 x 114 x 40.5 cm (220 plotter);
  • Weight: 114 kg (180 plotter); 128 kg (220 plotter);
  • Reduced acoustic emissions in compliance with regulatory standards;
  • Operational temperature: 10-40 degrees C.



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Technical data
Maximum Speed ( Line 18 )75 m2/h
Printing Width ( Line 18 )183 cm
Dimensions( Line 18 )272 x 40.5 x 114 cm
Weight ( Line 18 )114 kg
Maximum Speed ( Line 22 )80 m2/h
Printing Width ( Line 22 )222 cm
Dimensions ( Line 22 )312 x 40.5 x 114 cm
Weight( Line 22 )128 kg
Paper Grammage ( Line 18/Line 22 )de la 20 la 80 g/m2
Power Supply ( Line 18/Line 22 )100 v – 230 v
Power Consumption ( Line 18/Line 22 )100 w
Maximum Paper Roll Weight ( Line 18/Line 22 )40 kg
Format FileHPGL / HPGL2 / ISO / DXF