Collar Finish Pressing Machine BRI 710-101

Collar Finish Pressing Machine BRI 710-101

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_710_101

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Collar Finish Pressing Machine BRI 710-101. Description:


This press is used to finish collars for jackets or coats. It is composed of four upper bucks for pressing: one basic buck and 3 secondary bucks which are meant to stabilize and prevent the movement of the garment during pressing.


Veit ironing bucks are made of the highest quality materials ensuring an even distribution of steam and vacuum power onto the entire pressing surface. You can find all types of bucks and other accessories or consumables shown below or on our shop website


The press has a very powerful 230 V motor that has a production capacity of approximately 85 pieces per hour.


The functions of the press are activated with the help of the base pedals,  BRI 710/101 also has a double pedal for individual activation of absorption and blowing functions.


The manual pre-steaming made with the collar head buck allows the correction of previous pressing operations.

Optionally the machine can be equipped with an digital distance control device that ensures a variable adjustment of the distance between the pressing shapes during the pressing process to avoid marks and shine on all types of fabric.


The collar head suction: escaped steam is sucked off into the head buck in order to avoid steam touching the garment outside of the pressing area thus increasing the quality when pressing high sensitive fabrics.


The positioning of the back part is facilitated with the help of the positioning mirrors.


The control panel:



The press contains a control panel with a power of 400 MHZ , a user-friendly 5.7“ colour touch display, a USB port and WLAN interface that allow remote control of the machine.


This panel directly monitors the electrical components of the press and announces when an error occurs, thus the operator intervenes directly where the problem is without wasting time on diagnostics. In order to facilitate the work of the operators, the control panel keeps a history of the errors that have occurred.


The control unit has a storage capacity of 200 programs and comes with 3 factory pre-stored sample programs: soft, medium and hard.


The panel has a separate work program selection switch that allows the quick change of programs as needed. In addition, it is possible to operate two different programs at the same time, which leads to a considerable increase in productivity.




Advantages of BRI 710-101:


  • Individually closing heads, 1 basic buck: 3 separate head bucks for overlapping pressing and preventing of displacement of the pressing good;
  • Adjustable lapel head position: flexible solution on different lapel styles;
  • Separate chambers in lapel head buck: for the processing of short and long lapels;
  • Manual pre-steaming with collar head buck: Allows corrections from previous pressing operations;
  • Lapel holding arm: facilitates the positioning;
  • Digital programmer (BRI-Fashion): Up-to-date and user-friendly touchscreen programmer automatically controls the machine via individual programs / Increases productivity;
  • Separate program selection switch: Allows quick change of programs when using BRI-Fashion programmer / Improves work station layout;
  • mirrors for positioning: facilitates the positioning of the back part;
  • Digital distance control: Variable adjustment of the distance between the pressing shapes during the pressing process to avoid marks and shine on all types of fabric (optional);
  • Collar head suction: escaped steam is sucked off (after head distance and blowing lower buck) into the head buck in order to avoid steam touching the garment outside of the pressing area / Increases quality .when pressing high sensitive fabrics / Avoiding marks;
  • Airbags: for optimal positioning of the garment especially for large sizes / flexible solution on different collar sizes (optional);
  • Steam for bust: Optional pre-steaming and/or the finish of velvet fabrics (optional).

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Technical data
Production capacity85 buc / h
Steam3/8“ bar
Compressed air6 bar
Electrical connection230 V / 0.3 kW
Dimensions900 (35,4) x 1400 (55.1) x 2650 (104,33) mm / inch
Weight330 (727,5) kg/lbs
Steam quantity19,5 kg / h
Suctionl/min : 810 l/min