Spreading machine Bullmer COMPACT 600 D/E

Spreading machine Bullmer COMPACT 600 D/E

Manufacturer: Bullmer

Product Code: Bullmer_COMPACT_600

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Spreading machine Bullmer COMPACT 600 D/E. Description:


In the field of textile handling Bullmer offers two variants. Spreading machines that can spread a wide range of materials or machines that meet customer’s customized requirements:


  • Spreading machines for heavy duty textiles;
  • Spreading machines for high rigidity textiles;
  • Spreading machines for normal and delicate textiles;
  • Spreading machines for highly elastic fabrics;
  • Spreading machines for technical textiles.


There is a type of spreading through wich the material is unwinded in a very delicate way by a roller bar that can be engaged by a motor and a type of spreading of the material which is made in a special vat operated by belts – this technology offers the advantage of using the roller without additional guidance.


Textile Industry


Compact D 600 version:



The Compact D 600 version has a vat without extension and without air nozzles. All versions can be extended with various options depending on the application. The equipment can be upgraded or extended even after installation.





Compact E 600 version:



The Compact E 600 version has a tank with extensions for automatic loading or unloading. The side guides for the fabric rollers can be easily adjusted by the operator. The automatic insertion of the end of the fabric is done with the help of air nozzles.



General characteristics and supplies:


  • Distortion free, light sectional steel chassis;
  • Four – wheel drive with ” Vulkollan” wheels;
  • Stable lateral guidance with 4 lateral guide rollers at the angle bracket on the operator side;
  • 3-phase traction drive with frequency control;
  • Machine reversing speed can be adjusted separately;
  • Automatic pre-centering of material beginning during threading;
  • Electronic edge control, manually adjustable;
  • Fault-cutting-off-mode with automatic synchronous material rewinding;
  • Automatic return drive of spreader to the loading position of fabric end;
  • Motor-driven lift for the cutting and zigzag unit with automatic height adjustment at ply height;
  • Control handle for continuous manual adjustment of the spreading speed
  • Power and air supply with cable drag chain;
  • Encoder for measurind and controlling for drive and spereading lenght by means of a tooth belt at the table;
  • Integrated all in one controller opposite the operator side in the externally blower housing;
  • 4-fold emergency stop on both sides and at the front and back of the machine;
  • CANBUCON 1 controller on free programmable basis, control panel with display, control CAN-BUS technology.





Crescent device and platform for folded fabrics.






Pneumatic tilting of the vat in the loading and unloading position (two speeds can be set ).




Generic options and supplies:


  • One way cutting device with continuous adjustable cutting speed;
  • Zigzag device with tension compensation;
  • Tubular Knit supply;
  • Attachment to layout plied tubular knit;
  • Static ply catcher and movable ply catcher;
  • Automatic level adjustment for step plies and hill-type plies;
  • Sensor for fault brand detection ( metal plates ) with display indication and automatic machine stop;
  • Blower ahead the ply cutting in order to remove creases;
  • Roller to smoothen fabric before cutting in order to remove creases;
  • Fault detection handling system with touch screen ( FDH );
  • Operator platform with emergency stop at the back of the machine;
  • Seat for operator platform;
  • Power supply with double contact carriage instead of cable drag chain ( not possible when air supply is required );
  • Slot for USB stick for importing external production data directly ( in connection with CANBUCON 3 );
  • Link to spreading job optimisation programs via connection to an FTP server by online cable or wireless – in connection with CANBUCON 3;
  • Data transfer to fabric rolle magazines – in connection with CANBUCON 3;
  • Printer for recording material consumption – in connection with CANBUCON 3;
  • Barcode scanner for importing article of material roll ID number – in connection with CANBUCON 3;




CANBUCON 3: Compact controller with touch screen on a free programmable basis with integrated programming capability for all functions, parameters, job data, time sequences, safety, functions and drive diagrams in CAN-BUS technology.



Spreading variants



Bullmer combines the 600 compact spreading machine with Veit steam technology!


Steaming of knitted or woven materials during the spreading operation is possible with the help of the Veit steaming system just before cutting. By using this technology, the user does not need additional sophisticated operations to obtain a precise dimension of the final product. Without this combined process of spreading and steaming, an additional operation and another equipment for relaxing the material with a price of approximately 150,000 euros is required, which involves additional space, labor costs and investment.

Steaming the fabric during the spreading process allows the fabric to relax without further intermediate treatment. The required components of this solution include a VEIT steam generator, a steam lance and a high quality bullmer tensioner.


The 600 series from bullmer meets these requirements, offering an economical spreading solution for knitwear and fabrics, while the investment costs are much lower compared to other steam systems available on the market. VEIT also has extensive experience in the field of steaming and finishing textiles. Manual spreading productivity can be tripled if automatic spreading machines are used. Without the help of the steam lance during the spinning process, the textiles would go into standby mode for at least 20 hours (relaxation time).


  1. Material economy: the material relaxes after steaming – and, in our experience, it “contracts” but does not change its width. Because the material does not shrink after decompression and processing, we will be able to work on designing patterns with much lower “safety margins”. By adding smaller buffer zones, material losses will be reduced accordingly. The average consumption of the material decreases by about 5%!
  2. Reduction of needle cuts caused by needle piercing: After applying steam, the fabrics react in a much more flexible way. The needle penetrates more easily through the material and there are far fewer sewing defects. Usually, to achieve this, you need to humidify the air in the sewing section. Textiles will retain moisture, which will not evaporate into the environment making them less flexible.
  3. Static electricity reduction: The best antidote for static charging is humidity! In the process, we discovered that textiles, after the steaming stage, are much less electrostatically charged and therefore easier to process!


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Technical data
Working width1600,1800,2200 mm ( other versions available on demand )
Max. roll diameter500 mm
Max. roll weight100 kg
Max. spreading speed120 m/min
Max. spreader height180 mm
Compressed air (optional)minimum 6 bar
Power supply230/400 volți, 50 Hz, 3 kW