Elbow Hem Underpressing Machine BRI 433 VC

Elbow Hem Underpressing Machine BRI 433 VC

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Elbow-hem underpressing machine BRI 433 VC (incl. iron BRI 1). Description:


BRI 433 VC from Veit is mainly used in textile industry in the process of underpressing the elbow seams. The press has a vertical closing wich ensures the even even distribution of pressure onto the entire pressing surface, prevents displacement of the garment and eliminates obstruction in the loading area during the positioning of the material.


The press contains a control panel with a power of 400 MHZ as a 5.7-inch color display with USB port and WLAN interface that allows remote control of the machine. This panel directly monitors the electrical components of the press and announces when an error occurs, and the operator intervenes directly where the problem is without wasting time in diagnosis. In order to facilitate the work of the operators, the control panel keeps a history of the errors that have occurred.


Due to the DMC system (direct control of the machine), which is found on all Brisay presses, the waiting time for starting the press has been eliminated. Even in case of emergency or power outages, the machine is ready for operation in less than 1 second.


The choice in cover materials is crucial for the finishing result. Veit cover systems are durable and of high quality, you can find all types of covers and accesories on our website www.texco.ro.


The new inovation from Veit is the Steam Edge Suction. What is Steam Edge Suction Technology? – So that the final result is a perfect one, every step of the finishing process must be done correctly. The operator’s abilities and the functions and efficiency of the press contribute to the extent of 50% – 50% in obtaining the final qualitative result of the press. When the press bucks come together for pressing, part of the steam coming out of the upper buck exits outwards, thus damaging other parts of the already finished garment. The Steam Edge Suction function absorbs the entire additional amount of steam from the upper buck using the vacuum to the lower buck. This feature is very important because there is no need for any final retouching with the help of an iron after the finishing process.


Advantages BRI 433 VC:


  • Special buck design: use independent of sizes and models;
  • Steam edge suction: Prevents damage to previously finished pressing areas;
  • Separate suction for hem and seam areas: Facilitates the positioning;
  • Ironing set for sleeve hems incl. buck and steam iron BRI-1: Separate ironing surface for hem folding and ironing hem during pressing cycle / Increases productivity;
  • Fine suction for easier positioning and opening of the elbow seam.

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