Elbow Hem Underpressing Machine BRI 433C-101 Premium (180° Carousel)

Elbow Hem Underpressing Machine BRI 433C-101 Premium (180° Carousel)

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_433C_101_Premium

High quality product


Elbow-hem underpressing machine (incl. iron BRI 1). Description:


This press is used especially in the textile industry for elbow-hem underpressing, BRI 433C-101 Premium is an 180 ° rotary press.


BRI 433C – 101 has a vertical closing of the ironing buks which ensures uniform distribution of pressure throughout the entire pressing surface, prevents the material from moving on the machine, eliminates obstruction in the loading area during material positioning and ensures free visibility to the type of material that needs to be finished.


A very important feature of this press is the new innovation from VEIT – the “STEAM EDGE SUCTION” which, together with the specially designed covers, helps to obtain a finished product of the highest quality standards.



The choice of cover materials is crucial for the finishing result. Vite cover systems are durable and of high quality, for optimal results, we recommend using Veit cover materials exclusively. You can find all types of covers and accesories on our website www.texco.ro.


Advantages of BRI 433C-101 Premium:


  • Special buck design: use independent of sizes and models;
  • User-friendly 5.7“ colour touch display;
  • Steam edge suction: Prevents damage to previously finished pressing areas;
  • Separate suction for hem and seam areas: Facilitates the positioning;
  • Ironing set for sleeve hems incl. buck and steam iron BRI-1: Separate ironing surface for hem folding and ironing hem during pressing cycle / Increases productivity;
  • Fine suction for easier positioning and opening of the elbow seam;
  • Additional suction during buck rotation and buck stop: Prevents displacement of the garment;
  • Increased productivity.

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