Fast-Back Press Veit 8920

Fast-Back Press Veit 8920

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_8920

High quality product


Fast-Back Press Veit 8920. Description:


Veit 8920 is an industrial press used in the textile industry in the process of finishing trousers.


Advantages of Veit 8920:


  • You save energy by up to 25 %;
  • The closing movement of the upper buck occurs in two steps: First, it comes in a tilting motion form behind and then closes vertically;
  • With the cast-in heating system in the upper buck you save energy by up to 25 %;
  • The suction and blowing unit as well as the steam spraying unit in the lower buck come as a standard;
  • The manual foot switch panel has four functions: suction, blowing, bottom steam and closing of upper buck;
  • The timer control guarantees a systematic pressing process;
  • Optionally, individual garments can be pressed manually.

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