Flap Pressing Machine BRI 370-101 Premium

Flap Pressing Machine BRI 370-101 Premium

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_370_101_Premium

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Flap Pressing Machine BRI 370-101 Premium. Description:


BRI 370-101 is especially designed for the underpressing of the pocket flaps. The press is provided with a set of mobile templates made of stainless steel that can be made according to the client’s requirements. The template set can be used for the next pair of flaps during the pressing cycle thus reducing working time and increasing productivity.


This press is equipped with a separate program selector switch that allows them to be quickly changed, thus facilitating the ironing operation. Optionally the press can be provided with an automatic device for unloading and stacking for flaps thus minimizing the work submitted by the operator. Another important aspect that helps to increase productivity and streamline the ironing process is the waste collector and ejector that provide a clean work surface for the operator.


The covers of the pressing bucks are very important because they come in direct contact with the material, which is why the materials from which the VEIT covers are made are of the highest quality and made so that the distribution of steam and the power of the vacuum are distributed correctly and equally, you can find all kinds of covers and diffrent accesories on our website www.texco.ro.



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