Flat Top Ironing Table Veit Varioset

Flat Top Ironing Table Veit Varioset

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit _Varioset_Plana

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Flat Top Ironing Table Veit Varioset. Description:


This universal ironing table is recommended for ironing trousers, dresses, skirts, coats, blouses and other garments, suitable for studios, tailor shops, refinishers and textile care.


All ironing tables from Veit have a modular construction system and a special, patented system of built-in air ducts wick make the absorption and blowing functions extremely powerful using the maximum potential of the installed engine of 0.55.kW.


The ironing table’s surface is flat offering the possibility to iron different sizes of garments.




Veit Varioset ironing table also contains two support arms, to which you can attach any type of bucks according to your needs and a double pedal for individual selection of absorption and suction functions. The table’s support has included a chimney for exhausting the air resulted from absorption inside the building. By folding the support arms inwards, an electronic switch is activated that directs the absorption and blowing power towards them during the use of the additional bucks.


We offer a wide range of additional shapes that can be attached to the arm and are very useful in the finishing process of different parts from the garment (sleeves, collars, lapels, etc).


For any type of ironing table one or more types of irons are needed, with stainless steel or teflon sole, specific coatings for the ironing process (interphasic or final), individual steam generators, condenser for centralized steam installations. You will find all these accessories or consumables illustrated below on our shop site www.texcoshoponline.ro.


Advantages of Veit Varioset ironing table:


  • As suction and blowing version, it is suitable for finishing trousers and for ironing sensitive fabrics both in underpressing and final pressing department;
  • Low noise level;
  • No heating of surface necessary;
  • Comfortable height adjustment supported by gas spring;
  • Superior suction and blowing power with independently adjustable air power for fast drying and cycle times;
  • Electronic control unit with display and integrated VEITronic for connection of iron.

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Technical data
Table dimensions1300x 895 x 2100 mm
Weight115 kg
Power supply400 kW