Fusing Machine AX 450 – 450 C

Fusing Machine AX 450 – 450 C

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_AX_450

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Fusing Machine Veit AX 450. Description:


The multifunctional fusing machine AX 450 from Veit is the ideal solution when it comes to fuse a wide range of auxiliary materials and fabrics. The construction of the machine allows to partially fuse some materials through a part of the machine that is open, this is particularly useful when the fusing of a single part from a larger material is required.


The working width of this fusing machine is 450 mm / 17.72 inches and it is sufficient when it comes to fusing the front parts of a jacket or other larger components.

VEIT AX 450 fusing machine is the perfect choice for small workshops.

While compact and small in size, this fusing machine comes equipped with a control panel that precisely controls its essential functions and parameters.





Advantages of the control unit:


  • Permanent monitoring of the heating system.
  • Permanent monitoring of belt control.
  • Monitoring and supervising the drive motor.
  • Set/actual temperature monitoring.


The control panel instantly displays any irregularities that may occur during the fusing process and thus avoids any irregularities that could lead to the incorrect fusing of the materials.


The Heating System:


The fusing machine is equipped with two heating zones that allow an infinite temperature adjustment while heating the synchronized belts. The adjustable pressing device ensures an optimal fusing of the materials.








  • Separate upper and lower heat zones
  • Uniform heat distribution on the entire working surface.
  • The panel heating elements provide specific heat transfer with minimal energy waste.


This fusing machine is available with two different pressing systems.







AX 450 – Mechanical Pressure System: The sophisticated mechanical pressure system which operates without compressed air and yet delivers precise pressure. As requested by leading interfacing suppliers pressure specifications are shown in N/cm².


AX 450 C – Pneumatic Pressure System: With the trend towards increasing individualisation, producing small numbers is becoming increasingly important in shirt production. Customised production of tailor-made shirts, too, results in a need for flexible production lines. With this fully-fledged fusing machine, VEIT FUSING provides the possibility of decentralised fusing directly in the production line without any cut-backs in quality.

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Technical data
The width of the fusing surface450 (18) mm/inch
The speed of the fusing band1.6 – 10 (5.4 – 34) m/min (ft/min)
Compressed airmecanic/pneumatic
Conexiune electrica1×230/50 – 60/3.6 Volt/Hz/Kw
Dimensions L x W x H2050 (82) × 930 (37)× 604/1302 (24/52) mm/inch
Weight330/370 (728/816) kg/lb
Compressed air consumptionîn l/min: < 1