Fusing Machine Veit FM

Fusing Machine Veit FM

Manufacturer: Veit

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Fusing Machine Veit FM. Description:



The VEIT FM is the new generation of VEIT fusing machines, suitable for fusing a wide range of textiles and insertions.



In order for the fusing result to be a perfect one, it is necessary to have a precise control between the most important parameters of this process: TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND BELT SPEED. To have this control, VEIT has developed an innovative new accurate temperature control system that measures temperature directly from the belt level. The temperature is set at the beginning of the process and can be maintained at a constant level throughout the working process and evenly distributed over the entire width of the fusing belt. The temperature parametres can also be controlled very precisely via the touch-screen display.



FM is designed to be very simple to use, so the training for using this machine is done in a short time and all the important and basic options of the machine are immediately assimilated by the operator. In addition the fusing machine has a set of numerous sensors that ensure its proper functioning and help significantly in the maintenance and service processes.



All important functions and settings of the machine are visible at a glance on a 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display. With a storage capacity of up to 10 programs, the operator can create programs according to the material that needs to be fused. All these programs can be transferred to another Veit FM machine using a USB stick.


Another very important feature of the VEIT FM fusing machine, which has the role of saving as much energy as possible, is the outer feeding belt of the machine which is separate from the inner one. Therefore the outer feeding belt it is always cold, without contact with the inner belt so it does not lose temperature at all throughout the working hours, it offers comfort and convenience to the operator during the supply of parts that are to be fused.



The Fm fusing machine has three types of pressing systems.



A simple pressing system (C) with two options:



  • The C soft pressing system with two pressing cylinders in which the pressure on the material is more delicate, is used especially for outer wear and casual wear;
  • C medium pressing system used for thicker materials like those used in the production of men’s clothing and shirts.





A CU system with four pressing cylinders that can be used together or individually.



The CU soft pressing system with two pressing cylinders in which the pressure on the material is more delicate, is used especially for outer wear and casual wear;

CU medium pressing system used for thicker materials like those used in the production of men’s clothing and shirts.




A double pressing system with flexo cylinder (system patented by VEIT) wich offers:



  • Exceptional results in the processing of materials of different thicknesses, due to the inflatable cylinder that molds perfectly to the different thicknesses of the fused parts, exerting at the same time the same value of the pressure on them;
  • The pressure can be adjusted individually in the inflatable cylinder as well as between the inflatable cylinder and its pair, respectively the cylinder covered with silicone rubber, the classic version;
  • Proven performance especially in the case of combinations of materials and adhesives that are very difficult to work with;
  • It is universally applicable because the two pressing systems can be operated independently or in tandem;
  • Both pressing systems can be adjusted individually.




The very good insulation of the VEIT FM fusing machine together with the resistors that are encapsulated and do not have contact with the machine frame (the heat is strictly concentrated on the surface of the fusing material), significantly reduce energy losses. Due to this, the energy costs for powering the machine as well as the costs of air conditioning decrease significantly (up to 3 times lower consumption than a standard fusing machine) and the working environment becomes very friendly.



The resistors of the FM fusing machine are made of aluminum and have the following benefits: they distribute heat perfectly over the entire width of the machine, the heat transfer to the fused material is made in the best and most efficient way and it has a low energy consumption.

The resistors have a curved shape to be in permanent contact with the belt and thus they store a small amount of energy, the temperature being transmitted directly to the material.














The Veit FM fusing machine is available in several sizes such as:



  • Veit FM 100;
  • Veit FM 1400;
  • Veit FM 1600.



Advantages of the Veit FM fusing machine:



  • Optimal fusing results due to the exact temperature control made directly on the belt;
  • Optimal adjustment of the pressing system (soft, medium) and heating sequence (top, bottom) to the parts to be fused;
  • The maintenance concept is especially designed to allow easy and regular cleaning of the fusing machine;
  • The lowest possible energy consumption due to separate power belts and complete encapsulation of the heating units for extremely high efficiency against heat loss;
  • Easy to operate with the new 7-inch color touch-screen;
  • Prevention of belt edge wear with the help of sensors;
  • Prevention of defective fusing with the help of the on / off function in case of deviation from the preset working parameters. This allows the operator to interact with the fused part;
  • Constant heat-sealing quality due to the optimization of the cleaning of the belts that can be made both on the inside and on the outside. Consequently, a significant reduction in the contamination of rollers, strips and fused parts;
  • Due to the innovative construction, the temperature inside the machine is distributed uniformly over its entire width, a very important criteria for the fusing result;
  • The belt guide system is also innovative, without direct contact and is patented by Veit-Kannegiesser (with electric photo cell);
  • Digital display of working pressure in bar and N / cmp;
  • Diagnostic system for the operation of resistors;
  • It has a special rapid heating function of the machine.

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