Industrial Steam Iron HP 2003 with Veitronic

Industrial Steam Iron HP 2003 with Veitronic

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Industrial Steam Iron HP 2003 with electronic temperature control unit. Description:


HP 2003 is a premium range iron that offers excellent steam quality even at low temperatures, the iron’s sole has a special shape created to reach even the hard to reach areas, such as the underside of the buttons, or other areas with limited space, thus ensuring excellent ironing results.


This iron has a long service life and it is especially designed for heavy use, in 2 or 3 working shifts. The robust design of the HP 2003 industrial iron and the small weight of approximately 1275 grams make the ironing operation more efficient and easier for the operator. Apart from the small weight, another aspect that greatly helps the operator to handle the iron more easily and for a longer period of time, is the steam release switch which is ergonomically positioned at the top of the iron handle.


In order to avoid accidents at the workplace and to ensure a comfortable and safe ironing operation, HP 2003 has a special protection integrated between the sole and the iron handle which limits the heat loss and doesn’t allow the hot steam to reach the operator.



Electronic temperature control unit – VEITRONIC:



The huge advantage of the HP 2003 industrial iron is the electronically controlled temperature, with a maximum tolerance of +/- 1 ° C.


Precise regulation of the sole’s temperature helps to iron the most delicate fabrics. A normal iron that is controlled by a simple thermostat has a maximum tolerance of +/- 15-20 ° C, which means inconsistent quality.


The VEITRONIC controls the temperature with the help of a sensor at the sole’s level and maintains the temperature at the desired level throughout the working process.


Advantages of the HP 2003 Steam Iron:


  • Electronic thermoregulator with an accuracy of temperature regulation of +/- 1 degree;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Special protection for the hand that avoids the operator’s contact with hot steam;
  • Teflon coated stainless steel outsole for HP2003 iron with a long service life and particularly good ironing results. The outsole allows the quality of the steam to be adjusted by forming a steam mini-room between the stainless steel sole and the actual iron outsole, which leads to a higher quality of the finished product.


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Technical data
Weight1.275 kg
Sole dimensions220 x 105 mm / 8,7 x 4,1 inch
Power supply230 V - 1250 - W -50-60 - HZ