Industrial Hand Finishing Iron Veit 2157

Industrial Hand Finishing Iron Veit 2157

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Industrial Hand Finishing Iron Veit 2157.Description:


Veit 2157 is a hand iron specially designed for minor corrections during final inspection, for removing creases, gloss, as well as for smoothing and refining garments and improving the shape for all types of fabrics and leather.


Also VEIT 2157 gives an extraordinary quality aspect to the material, especially in the seam area which makes it suitable for a variety of other applications, such as: upholstery, curtains, footwear production, furniture production and the automotive industry.


Advantages of the industrial Hand Finishing iron Veit 2157:


  • The teflon frame sole attachment is used for smoothing or improving the shape of uneven surfaces;
  • The steam brush attachment gives an excellent appearance to leather, velour or delicate fabrics;
  • The special hand protection protects de operator against the hot steam.


Iron VEIT 2157 is also available with an egg shaped sole for manual finishing of outlines, impressions and curves of all kinds of fabric and leather covered interior components.

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Technical data
Weight1530 g / 3,37 lbs
Ironing surface125 x 85 mm / 4,92 x 3,35 inch
Power supply100 - 240 V, 600 W, 50 - 60 Hz