Ironing Table for Front and Elbow Seams BRI 170-101 Classic

Ironing Table for Front and Elbow Seams BRI 170-101 Classic

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_170_101_CLASSIC

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Ironing Table for Front and Elbow Seams BRI 170-101 Classic. Description:


BRI 170-101 Classic is an industrial ironing table used in the finishing process of front and elbow seams from jacket sleeves, the table comes with BRI-1 iron included.


All Brisay tables are equipped with a heating system that reduces energy costs by 30% and shortens the time required to heat the ironing bucks, thus increasing productivity. The special design of the ironing bucks ensures uniform distribution of heat throughout the finish surface and their special insulation significantly reduces heat losses.


Ironing covers are very important because they come in direct contact with the clothing, which is why the materials from which VEIT covers are made are of the highest quality and made so that the steam and vacuum power are distributed correctly and efficiently. All types of covers and other accessories or consumables are illustrated below and on our shop site


Advantages of the BRI 170-101 Classic ironing table:


  • Multi-use workstation thanks to two ironing bucks (front and elbow seams are finished on the same buck);
  • Additional shaping effect of front seams thanks to special buck construction;
  • Ironing table includes iron BRI 1;
  • Optional fine suction adds flexibility when ironing different fabrics and helps avoiding marks;
  • Positioning work aid thanks to optional holding clamps for upper sleeve area.

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