Ironing Table for Sleeve Head Seams BRI 165-101

Ironing Table for Sleeve Head Seams BRI 165-101

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_165_101_Basic

High quality product


Ironing Table for Sleeve Head Seams BRI 165-101. Description:


BRI 165-101 is an industrial ironing table for sleeve head seams with the ironing bucks parallel, next to or behind each other.


The ironing bucks come in VEIT covers of the highest quality, especially designed to distribute the steam and the power of the vacuum correctly and efficiently. All types of covers and other accessories or consumables are illustrated below and on our shop site


Advantages of the ironing table BRI 165-101:


  • Various special bucks for pressing shoulder area and sleeve heads of different models;
  • Ironing table includes iron BRI 1;
  • Optional rounded contour frame sole for BRI 1 for opening / polishing the sleeve head seam;
  • Manually adjustable to the operator thanks to hydraulic or pneumatic height adjustment.

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