Ironing Table Varioset CR2 S+B

Ironing Table Varioset CR2 S+B

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Varioset_CR2_SB

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Ironing Table Varioset CR2 S+B. Description:


Varioset CR2 S + B is an industrial ironing table suitable for tailoring studios, refinishers and textile care, it is used for finishing trousers, dresses, skirts, coats, blouses, jackets and other textile products.


All Veit tables have a modular construction system and a special, patented system of built-in air ducts so that the absorption and the blowing funtions are extremely powerful using to the maximum the potential of the installed engine of 0.55 kW. The ironing surface of CR2 is atypical, shaped like a tongue at the tip and wide towards the base, used especially in the final ironing process, thus giving the possibility of ironing small and large products on the same surface.


Any type of ironing table requires one or more types of irons, with stainless steel or Teflon sole, ironing process-specific covers ( for underpressing or final ironing ), individual steam generators, condenser for connection to the centralized steam installations, etc. You can find all these accessories or consumables illustrated below on our shop website


Advantages of Varioset CR2 S+B ironing table:


  • Low noise level due to elaborate flap box;
  • No heating of surface necessary;
  • Comfortable height adjustment supported by gas spring;
  • Superior suction and blowing power with independently adjustable air power for fast drying and cycle times;
  • Electronic control unit with display and integrated;
  • Optionally available with integrated egg-shaped buck for optimal ironing of wider parts of the garment.

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